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Sotto files No Motorcycle Back-Rider Act of 2014

In response to the increasing crime involving back-riders on two-wheeled motorcycles or the so-called ‘riding in tandem’, Sotto has recently filed the No Motorcycle Back-Rider Act of 2014 which seeks to “stop this evil Batman and Robin tandem for good.”


S.B. No. 2344, or the No Motorcycle Back-Rider Act of 2014, aims to prohibit back-riders on two-wheeled motorcycles or scooters. This bill also gives law enforcers the authority to flag down a suspected driver and question them.

Section 3 of the bill states that “no back-rider shall be allowed on a two-wheeled motorcycle or scooter unless the passenger is the spouse, child or parent of the driver.” The prohibition, however, “shall not apply to members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police while on official duty and in uniform.”

Violators, upon conviction, will be penalized by imprisonment or a fine of not less than Php20,000 for the first offense and an addition of another Php10,000 for every succeeding offense.

“This may be frowned upon by some members of society, but we have to think of the higher good of protecting the life and limb of our citizens,” Sotto added.

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This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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42 Responses

  1. Miss Call says:

    The backrider will now wear a wig and chest paddings to disguise himself as the wife.

  2. dumaguete motorcycle says:

    Senator Sotto you are a retarded human being. Your laws only apply to imperial manila and not here in the provinces. I think you should have your head examined. I can suggest a good psychiatrist for you.

    • eric jay says:

      yan naman talaga nangyayari eh, propose nang propose nang law na hindi man lang natingnan ang kabuuang saklaw. like sa provinces. malamang di nakapunta o nakakaalam nang sitwaston nang iba dahil busy busyhan sa pagpapayaman at pag propose nang walang ka kwenta kwentang batas. oh, regarding that retarded brain of him, i could sure manage to stop his suffering if he’ll let me check his pea brain.

  3. Welsh says:

    They should create a law also that would penalize those motorcycles with modified mufflers just to create a really irritating and loud sound….

    It is really disturbing, and disrespectful when they pass thru churches, hospitals, schools, and residential areas!!!!

  4. snow says:

    what a brain-dead act proposal. LAME LAME LAME!!!

  5. Easy E says:

    so kailangan magdala palagi ng marriage certificate, birth certificate, driver’s licence. Tapos may proposal pa na magsuot ng reflectorized vest plus the required helmet.

    • Mon says:

      it’s really just a retarded law made out of desperation to be relevant from someone who’s reputation is already non-existent

      just like what Miss Call suggested, criminals will find a way to go around the law, it will only be an inconvenience to the normal motorists.

  6. On a different note, sir Louie, ano yung brand at model nung nasa pic?

  7. jenie says:

    The statement “Do not underestimate the stupidity of idiots.” comes to mind.

    Come on! There should be a law penalizing solons and senators who propose moronic laws. what the heck is sotto thinking, should we now carry marriage, birth certificates to prove that back riders are our kin? Palibhasa hindi kayo nagmomotor.

  8. Lian says:

    Tang’na This :D. Pano na yung habalhabal Drivers sa mga Provinces? dito sa Negros Oriental yang common na pinagkukunan ng pera dito.

  9. faceless says:

    boto pa ng bobong artista sa senado, pinas! hindi naman lahat artista walang alam pero sotto takes the cake pagbobohan ang pinagusapan, LOOOL!

  10. meow says:

    i can understand his higher good sh!t and all that good stuff that crossed his mind and i can understand it won’t be that easy no more for riders to get the job done as all eyes will land upon them meanwhile us thinking how ironically genius Sotto had made it possible for everyone to be aware of them and how funny it would knock our @sses up to even think about how devious Sotto to come up with the idea while the other side of our head insisted about the danger actually seeing 2 guys on a bike altogether but what i dont understand is why, of all the other deficiencies in our society he would rather invest his thoughts about riders in tandem in the first place when a lot of people would worry about going all the way to metro to even come up with a deluded dream job they would scratch all their @sses up for because of hopelessness where they came from can not sustain even an old rat?

    well that was something else Sotto, but rather good try. ive seen worse somewhere else.

  11. martin says:

    Hoy sotto! paano naman yung mga naghahatid ng girlfriend sa trabaho!?! GAGU ka!

  12. bry says:

    Mabuti at nag-iisip ka rin sotto. ang problema, pinagisipan mo ba ito nang mabuti?

    puga, kabobohan tong naisip mo

  13. abz says:

    Pano kung GF mo yung kaangkas mo? Kapatid na babae or lalake? Di ba pinagisipan ng maayos to? Ok naman sana yung intensyon, pero isip isip din. This what happens for voting stupid people for senate. Makagawa lang ng batas ok na.

    • jp says:

      Actually hanggang file lang naman ng bill yang mga yan. But how many of those were really approved to become laws? A law like this if approved will be the laughingstock of other countries. Talagang iisipin ng ibang mga bansa na kawawa naman talaga tayo. Corrupt na nga ang karamihan sa kanila, hindi pa nag-iisip. Senator Sotto, sana nababasa mo ang mga comments dito tungkol diyan sa inihain mong bill. Mas may sense pa ang mga taong nag co-comments dito kaysa sa iyo. Basa-basa din Senator Sotto pag may time. Naturingan ka pa man ding Senator. Ikinahihiya ka ng bayang “pinaglilingkuran” mo.

  14. mitch says:

    nakakatawa naman to. . .ang tao gagawa ng crime kung gusto talaga nila, hindi nman mbabawasan ung riding in tandem cases for simply having this kind of law. . .hahaha mukang hindi nman ganun na pinag-isipan. . .ok nman sana ung purpose pero mukang mali ung naisip nilang action. . .

  15. bumbay says:

    Paano na yung pautangan ko? Kaya nga ako kumuha ng driver para hindi mapagod sa paniningil – bumbay

  16. wew says:

    Tanginang Yugatech to parang si sotto,
    mahilig mangopya ng artikulo!

    parang rappler mas masahol pa sa rapper!

  17. Orange says:

    I support this law. Bawas habal habal. Bawas motor. The extra hassle should help filter responsible from irresponsible motorcycle riders. Oo na, meron din matino pero in general motorcyles are a nuisance sa major roads. Sanhi madalas ng accident dahil singit ng singit kahit nakastop pipilitin. At nangaagaw ng pedestrian lanes, sila pa galit at nakaharang ka kuno. I swear, mga salot. Kahit ano pampabawas sa mga nuisance na to, all good.

    • Codie Chuck says:

      Well, it may help but this is not the root kung bakit ganyan ang nangyayari.

      Kung kukuha ng license, yung LTO offices hindi nag coconduct ng seminar or test drive. Why not implement drive testing like what other countries does. Mas stricto kaysa pinapatupad ngayon.

    • jenie says:

      obviously, you don’t own or drive a motorcycle. Anyway, sa paanong paraan mababawasan ang motor sa kalsada sa pamamagitan ng batas na ito? motorcycle drivers will still use their motorcycle with or without a back rider. But the supposed to be back rider will either need to commute (which would only add to the commuting public) or drive another motorcycle. worse, they would use a car instead (which consumes more gas and takes up more road space)

  18. Easy E says:

    Well, this is just a bill. Paguusapan pa ito bago maging Republic Act. I am sure mayrong mga kasamahan si Sotto sa senate na may utak para linisin itong bill na ito, Wag lang syang a-absent.

  19. Codie Chuck says:

    Bago eto unahin muna ang problema sa kalsada.

    Why di dangdanggan ang pulisya at 2 – 1 ratio na sasakyan para sa mga pulis. Pwede naman siguro para ka kapakanan ng ating mamamayan.

    Upgrade or Implement new IT System for PNP/NBI like what country does have.

    Kung kaya ng ibang bansa. Kaya naman siguro natin umunlad.

  20. Ex-Alodian knight says:

    Dumb cagers.

    Plus sotto’s hatin cause maybe a biker got his girl to look that nice harley and that nice handlebars. That’s why he be banning backrides.

    Toptier when it comes to attracting chicks
    Drift Cars

    Pickup trucks
    125cc Commuterbikes

    Common cars.

    Sure it’s to deter crime, but still, if this does happen, it’s an outrage.

    first the plaka vest, not this!?

  21. x says:

    Expect gunmen to ride in from instead of the back. LOL

  22. unlicomments says:

    Another copying by Sotto !!!
    This is already an ordinance, and will be implemented in Mandaluyong.
    What will he copy next?

  23. mapagbigay says:

    mag electric bike na lang ako. d kailangan ng LTO registration at license…

  24. Gadgeteer says:

    ipagbawal na ang 2 rider sä motorcycle para tapos na, better yet ipagbawal na yan pesky motorcycles

  25. txtlibre says:

    Dapat may plate din sa harap ng motor kagaya sa India… pero it still boils down to the efficiency of the PNP.

  26. Benchmark says:

    Haven’t read the said article but the title…this is a BS law. What if they are not riding together? 2 motorcycle team tandem?! Edi mas mahirap silang hulihin coz isang nagmomotor na may kaangkas di nila mahuli, dalawa pa! Make a law that police visibility will be 100% palage and 24 hours….which it should be! Grabe talaga magisip itong mga pulitiko natin! It’s the fault of the madlang Pilipino who voted for this people and now we are all suffering!

  27. Abuzalzal says:

    Di nyo na maisasakay mga tsiks nyo nyahahaha

  28. Raphiduz says:

    Ang problema sa bansa natin, dumadami un mga mangmang na botante. Na siyang bread and butter ng mga corrupt politicians! Para malutas ang crime rate, mag issue ng National ID. Dapat pagkapanganak pa lang sa bata may ID na. May limit ang anak ng bawat pamilya! Pag sobra sa limit kulong ang mga magulang. At panghuli i-limit ng gobyerno ang pag issue ng plate para sa mga motor at ang pagbebenta ng motor sa metro manila!

  29. jadmarley says:

    BS law,., bakit di mga pulis latiguhin nyo?,., i mean, papatay nga cla, tapos sa tingin mo sotto matatakot clang labagin itong batas mo?

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