ABS-CBN thinks Blogging did not help PBB

ABS-CBN thinks Blogging did not help PBB

Now that’s a shocker! ABS-CBN is implying that blogging did not help promote their Pinoy Big Brother show that’s why they scrapped the segment of Retz as the featured PBB blogger in their Pinoy Big Brother Revealed show last Thursday. Retz here has the rundown, The Ca t is in the verge of a scratching spree while Jobert adds that this is why he likes GMA 7 more.

Let’s dissect why ABS-CBN did not like PBB bloggers and how they come up with that conclusion.


  • PBB Bloggers gets much higher in the SERPS than their own blogs and forums.
  • They got fewer subscriptions than expected from the 24/7 Sky Cable service and the internet streaming service because bloggers get to share these infos/screencaps for free.
  • PBB bloggers tend to douse off excitement (read: spoiler posts).
  • Bloggers get to earn from AdSense while they don’t.
  • ABS-CBN wants to dominate online showbiz content delivery but bloggers are way ahead.
  • Not every blogger likes PBB but they still blog about it.

Funny, huh?

But that only strengthens the idea that blogging has indeed boosted the market reach of these shows. Make that free advertising as well. See, even those who don’t tune in to ABS-CBN still get to read about Big Brother online. It’s practically all over the net.

What a shame.

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21 Responses

  1. Just curious… isn’t market reach (of TV companies) measured in terms of viewers (not readers)?

    How can blogging boost the market reach of PBB if blog readers just read and not tune in to ABS-CBN?

  2. hello! have you heard about the term “advertising”? what these bloggers is advertise pbb in their blogs for free.

  3. The Ca t says:

    Thanks yugz.

    As to Manny’s query, the answer is “creating awareness” and halo effect to the other ABS CBN shows that featured the PBB people.

    It is just like being promoted in the entertainment sections of newspapers or tabloids. The market reach is not in the readership of the newspapers but how many readers came to know about the program.

    In some application forms of some companies, the response to the question as to how did the applicant come to know about the company is an important feedback in their advertising policies and strategies formulation.

  4. It would be interesting to find out from the people who watched even one episode of PBB how they found out about the show (newspaper, radio, tabloids, or blogs?), and what made them decide to watch the show.

    I tend to get skeptical of “top of mind’ marketing campaigns unless these are supported by concrete actions (i.e., increased product sales, increased viewership).

    When bloggers are featured in online newspapers, do we not count how many visits we got from those sites?

    Unless we find out the concrete stats in this PBB-blogs discussion, we can only speculate.

  5. markku says:

    They can kiss my adsense a$$. Hahaha. Seriously, I’d rather not react until they provide a statement that blogging was detrimental to PBB. And whoever thinks that way from their side deserves to learn to use the internet once and for all. :)

  6. Jaypee says:

    the fact that Ian Del Carmen, the director decided to interview Retz and make it a segment and part of the last episode, shows that somehow he knows something about the “impact” of Retzwerx on the PBB show. if it didn’t have that much “impact” as what they said there was, then why did they even bother to interview Retz in the first place? just thinking out loud. :)

  7. yuga says:

    Ahhh, when we say ABS-CBN, it think we’re pointing to the upper management who really has the say what comes out of TV.

    Then again, you have segment producers and writers like Ian Del Carmen who knows better but can only do or say so much as to what should and should not be aired.

  8. kzap says:

    how bout an anti abscbn blogging campaign? just to show how much of an effect it can really generate

  9. gabriel says:

    let them do or say what they want. blogs are just gonna get stronger no matter what anyone does.

  10. Karla says:

    …not to mention that abs must be scared s***less of bloggers who are ever ready to critique their shows. I never liked ABS anyway…

  11. karla says:

    bad bad bad
    really selfish of them.. tsk tsk

  12. YOSHIKO IZAWA says:


  13. jed says:

    hi i would like to in the status of being friend..

  14. janine says:

    PBB is so cool as in!!!graveee!!!!
    as in pag nakikita ko pa c gerald!!!my day is complete!!!

  15. denz says:

    http://blogerstars.blogspot.com/ new convo, new primetime videos, new nvr b4 scenes and new uplate. d2 nyo lng kkta sa blogerstars na nagiisang nice fansite ng PbB 2.. hav a nice day! be der! tnX.

  16. ilah says:

    hi pbb is like the coolest reality show. and 1 more thing its awsome because they show there real attitude. and this show and the best their is you make new friends or close friends inside the house:D

  17. :> wahahah. gnda tlga ng show neu…
    i lyk mikee…. he is so very cute… kmukah cya ni roby… harhar… ate mariel rodrigez i hope i see u/….

  18. wahahah…. gnda ng PBB gwaveh..
    pa greet puh kna aira,bea,ate farrah.. mga kptd ko
    chakah.s parents kuh…
    i wnt txtm8…. dz is my #.. 09128600865…

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