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Universal McCann’s Social Media Research


I was sent this PDF file containing Universal McCann’s Social Media Research for March 2008. The research surveyed 17,000 internet users in 29 countries. It’s an 80-page report that covers topics on blogging, online videos and social networking sites in general.

While the results of the survey are pretty interesting, I find some of them almost unbelievable (at least the ones that involved the Philippines). Take note however, that the sample population included in this research only involved people who used the internet daily or every other day aged between 16-54 years old. That means, the figures are skewed towards the hard core or heavy users.

Realme Philippines

McCann puts the Philippines’ Internet Penetration at 15.4% (based from InternetWorldStats.com).


  • 90.3% of the respondents from the Philippines said they’ve read a blog at least once, ranking 2nd to South Korea at 92.1%. China came in 3rd at 88.1% while Global average is 77%.
  • The Philippines ranked 4th (65.8%) on the respondents have started or created a blog. South Korea topped the list at 71.7%, followed by Taiwan (70.9%) and China (70.3%). Japan is No. 9 at only 47.3% which is strange since according to Technorati, Japanese is the #1 language in the blogosphere. Global average is 44.8%.
  • The Philippines ranked #1 in joining a new social network sites (83.1%). Friendster rulez! hehehe
  • Again, the Philippines ranked #1 on uploading photos on photo sharing sites with 86.4% of the respondents. Friendster rulez x 2!
  • With online video, the Philippines (60.5%) is second to Brazil (68.3) on uploading videos to a video sharing site. YouTube Philippines should be in Tagalog so we can beat Brazil! Chinese came in 3rd at 58.1%.
  • Filipinos are No. 1 viewers of online videos at 98.6%! iyotTube rocks! Oops, Youtube rocks!
  • 61.8% of the respondents form the Philippines says they’ve downloaded a podcast. That’s 5th from the list after China, Mexico, Romania and Brazil.
  • The Philippines ranked #6 in RSS subscribers at 45.2%, beating the Japanese (31.4%), Germans (27%), French (25.7%), Brits (24.9%), Canadians (18%), Australians (24.6%) and Americans (18.6%). Now that’s unbelievable.

The reason behind the skewed figures on the last item, RSS, is that the average Filipino “active” internet user is more tech-savvy than the average internet user in most western countries. Active means daily use or at least every other day. That means “active” internet use in the Philippines isn’t that mainstream yet. But that’s already evident from the internet usage penetration stats above.

Update: Copy of the research study can be downloaded here {PDF, 26MB}.

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Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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7 years ago

Good day! I just want to give you a big thumbs up for
your excellent information you have right here on this post.
I am returning to your web site for more soon.

13 years ago

I’m a little iffy about this, because it doesn’t even describe how many actual respondents were interviewed from each country. We only have a universe. How do you say that 17,000 = There’s no way we can accurately countercheck the data. :S

14 years ago

i think it’s misleading to say that the philippines is “ranked” 1, 2 or any number. the study itself doesn’t use that terminology.

we need to remember that 100% of respondents from the philippines is less than 20M, while 10% of respondents from china is probably more than 100M. apples and oranges.

what this study highlights for me is the fact that while a few of us are using the latest technology, along with many others around the world, there are so many more filipinos who are not even able to access a computer.

my two cents =)

Jan Alvin
14 years ago

Kuya Abe! Alam mo yung Iyottube!! Well, the research is absolutely true because we Filipinos can easily adapt to whats happening in our enviroment.

14 years ago

Hi Abe, the file is corrupted. Please reupload :(

14 years ago

Would it be possible for us to get a copy of that PDF?

The Jolly Jetsetter
14 years ago

Interesting information– what I am curious about is how the content we seem to be actively uploading (video’s, blogs, etc.) are being received internationally? I often feel that filipino content usually circulates within the filipino population (and a lot of our content is in english).

14 years ago


14 years ago

Yes you’re right Filipinos are so tech-savvy, compare to americans!

14 years ago

This is a great information. Thanks for sharing..

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