Creating social media-worthy shots with the Samsung Galaxy A72 and A52

Creating social media-worthy shots with the Samsung Galaxy A72 and A52

It’s no surprise that smartphone photography is now more utilized to further enhance such creative pursuit for high-quality social media content. It’s just more convenient, and let’s face it, smartphone cameras continuously improve impressively even with mid-range devices like the Samsung Galaxy A72 and Galaxy A52.

We’ve been using these latest eye-candy smartphones for weeks now, and we can say that both the Galaxy A72 and Galaxy A52’s cameras stand out and work very well for social media postings that don’t generally need much tweaking. Moreover, they’re not expensive as flagships today, yet they have great cameras to play around with.

Before we get started, let’s do a quick recap on Samsung Galaxy A72 and A52 camera specs. At the back, both the Samsung Galaxy A72 and A52 feature a 64MP High-Res Main Camera with OIS. As we all know by now, having a 64MP lens gives you the ability to produce highly detailed images with a ton of image data packed into the shot, allowing for better noise-reduction, better color, and sharper details of course.

The next lens is the Galaxy A72 and Galaxy A52’s 12MP ultra-wide angle (123°) camera. This allows you to take wider scenes that are perfect for your travel photos or even “groufies”. Then both also have the same 5MP macro lens that you can easily use to focus on the tiny details that matter.

Still, there’s a clear distinction between the Galaxy A72 and the Galaxy A52 model. The Galaxy A72’s 4th camera is an 8MP telephoto lens that allows you to optically zoom from 3x,10x, 20x, and up to 30x Space zoom. Meanwhile, the Galaxy A52’s 4th camera is a 5MP depth sensor to capture professional-looking shots with a clear depth of field.

As for the front camera, both devices pack a high-res 32MP sensor that allows you to take clear selfies.


Using their respective standard modes for the Instagram posts below, the 9:16 orientation in the camera noticeably produces well-lit shots with a lot of details and very good wide dynamic range. We also used the 64MP option in the camera UI and Pro mode to have more control over brightness, aperture, white balance, and focus to achieve more professional-looking photos. These lenses take exceptional photos wherein you don’t need to go overboard in editing, as it gives you satisfactory results and it’s perfect as it is for your social media posting, especially for Instagram.


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We appreciate how the shots have outstanding depth and contrast, plus, the saturation level is often well-balanced even when the AI is turned off.


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You can also play around with water splashes as both the Galaxy A72 and Galaxy A52 are IP67 water-resistant.


Landscape Photography

When it comes to landscape photography, using the 12MP ultra-wide lens is the best option you can use to capture and justify the scenery. Colors coming from the cameras are vivid and natural, and there’s enough detail to be found when shooting in well-lit conditions. You can also take advantage of the Scene Optimizer to enhance your photos a little bit. This you can take advantage of for your TikTok travel or vlog compilation videos.

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As mentioned before, the only difference between the Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72 is that the A72 has an 8MP telephoto lens with up to 3x optical and 30x digital zoom. It does a great job and you get usable shots even at up to 10x.

Macro Photography

We don’t use it too much but it’s worth giving a try. Playing around with the 5MP macro lens for both Galaxy A72 and Galaxy A52 is pretty impressive, it allows you to capture images of objects that are 3cm to 5cm far from the phone’s camera module. It’s fun to capture small subjects like what we have in the photos and shots come out detailed and it’s not as bad as we thought. You can be creative with it for your Facebook or Instagram stories.

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Food Photography

One of the things we love to post about even in the comforts of our home is food. And both the Galaxy A72 and Galaxy A52 do an excellent job in this category as well. You can expect vibrant colors with very good saturation using the 9:16 orientation.

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Plus, there’s a Food mode that you can utilize to give off a nice depth effect with subjects placed in the middle of the frame.

Night Photography

Trying out the Night Mode, you can definitely see how the lights are not blown out. There are a good amount of details and what we really like about it is that you’re good to go to post it on your socials as it is, there’s no need for enhancement because the results won’t disappoint you.

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As for selfies, their 32MP front cameras are pretty good especially for posting on Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter. It’s also excellent when it comes to shooting TikTok or Snapchat videos. Generally, photos look natural under ample lighting with good colors and decent details. We like how the wide-angle option still produces almost the similar quality as in standard mode, and the portrait mode also has an excellent background to subject separation.

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Then we also tested their video quality for TikTok as seen in the videos below.

@shustinegrocery shopping with the #samsunga72 #samsunggalaxya72 #groceryshopping #asmr #fyp? Peaches – Justin Bieber

Definitely, the quality didn’t disappoint. With the Super Steady mode turned on, we get consistent stabilization that makes it easy to use handheld. Its wide video mode is also clear without much fisheye effect so it’s great if you want to shoot with wider coverage. Notably, the Galaxy A72 and Galaxy A52 are both highly capable for shooting YouTube vlogs since it has very good stabilization and can be used under 4k settings.

@heyaljMini vlog 04/27/21 ? #fyp #vlog #foryou #foryoupage #samsung #samsungA52 #samsunggalaxy #trend #minivlog? Relationship (feat. Future) – Young Thug

Galaxy A72 Fun Mode

The camera app is easy to navigate so you’ll find it easy to switch between various shooting modes, as well as take advantage of its quirky features like AR Doodles, Single Take, and Fun Mode that basically brings Snapchat filters in the native camera app. These features can also boost you to be extra creative to level up your Instagram and Facebook stories game. You can also use this to your TikTok contents to add more fun.

@yugatechSamsung A72 and A52 FUN MODE FEATURE ?? BORN FOR THIS – Foxxi

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Overall, using the Galaxy A72 and Galaxy A52’s cameras was a straightforward and fun experience. They’re versatile for taking photos and videos, especially under natural lighting. These are recommendable on-the-go camera smartphones that are not just for professionals, but also for beginners who want to practice mobile photography and videography. The best part is that both devices come with official price tags that are not too heavy for your wallets: The Samsung Galaxy A72 is available for PHP 23,990 SRP (8+256GB), while the Samsung Galaxy A52 is priced at PHP 18,990 SRP (8GB+256GB).

So what do you think about the camera quality of these two popular A-series smartphones? Let us know in the comments.

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