GoPro HERO (2018) reportedly a firmware downgrade version of HERO 5

GoPro HERO (2018) reportedly a firmware downgrade version of HERO 5

GoPro’s newest HERO (2018) action camera was reported to be identical to the HERO 5 but with a downgraded firmware according to a post by Hypoxic.

The GoPro HERO 2018 features a 10MP lens and 1440p 60fps or 1080p 60 fps video recording resolution. The HERO 5, on the other hand, has a 12MP camera lens with 4K video recording capabilities. According to the report, the HERO (2018) can perform just like the HERO 5 by loading it with the latter’s firmware and some modifications.


Hypoxic cannot upload a patch for other people to use due to legal matters but rather posted details on how it was done. Click on the source link below for more info.

Source: Hypoxic

Via: PetaPixel

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2 Responses

  1. Dorota says:

    Have you firmware GoPro Hero 2018?
    I have Hero2018, i upgrade to HERO5 but I need came back to old/original firmware GoProHero 2018. Can you help me?

    • Allen says:

      Why you need to have the Hero 2018 firmware? Is there any problem on your GoPro after the Hero5 firmware version update?

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