Accenture Manila cuts hundreds of jobs

I got a call last night from a media researcher (for an investigative TV program) asking me about my take on the recent series of layoffs in the local BPO sector. They wanted to know if I think the job cuts were  related to the global financial crisis.

After a series of calls and text messages, the program supervisor called me asking to verify an alleged layoff at Accenture Manila that very day. The unofficial figure was 500 heads! I said I didn’t know where that came from — it could be from another source but I could call insider people and verify it.

A call to my source from the inside verified the layoffs. My source immediately told me “I know what this is all about” right after picking up the phone.

Apparently, the memo went out on the 14th stating that people from the Solutions Division will have to be let go starting on the 15th. The 500 figure is still unconfirmed but they say it is going to be a huge number.

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The reason behind was that Accenture Manila has become overcrowded with project developers and consultants with no assignments or have prior projects that have been canceled or indefinitely put on hold.

This development may not be a big surprise as Accenture (like many other multinational companies in the country) has been doing some belt-tightening measures since last year.

Will update this breaking story as I get more information.

Update 1: Memos were sent out Wednesday night for employees to report to the Makati office the following day only to be surprised by a severance package and outplacing support greeting them as they arrive. Employees are very worried as people just disappear from their stations left and right.

Update 2: Employees that were let go ranged from regulars to management positions. They are given option to transfer to the Call Center Division if they wish so and if the skill-sets are applicable. Those left out are given a severance package of 1 month’s salary for every year of service to the company.

Update 3: More job cuts are coming. The Country Managing Director sent a second notice to everyone on January 15. “All affected employees have been contacted via call, email invite and/or SMS. Only a few are still scheduled for notification in the succeeding days…. If you are approached by the media or anyone else with questions regarding the workforce actions today, please do not respond.” They are also arranging town-hall meetings and people hour sessions. The 500 head count is confirmed and they’re shedding more people.

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  1. 'Em says:

    Looks like it’s a different atmosphere right now in accenture.. hiring thousands of people for the 2015 target.. hehe

  2. Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the images aren’t loading correctly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different browsers and both show the same results.

  3. Hey admin I have just visited your site and i like it… And i appreciate with your informative Content…

  4. Ovais says:

    this really a sad news..hopefully the recession will soon over and again there will be lots of jobs available in the market..

  5. I think that the Philippine BPO industry is picking up again. Hopefully, this will once again create a lot of job opportunities for Filipinos.

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  7. ja-mes says:

    newly hired at accenture =)

  8. Sinned says:

    I have friend working and Accenture, Sad ako namarinig ito, pero bago ko marinig ito, may nakawentuhan ako from IBM Manila andito siya sa USA ngayon, they have negotiation with the big client of Accenture Manila here in USA to transfer their account to IBM, sabi pa niya nasa 95% na ang negotiation nila, hinde ko pinansin kala ko wala lang yun, tapos this morning my friend txt me 2 years na siya sa Accenture, malungkot daw ang pasko niya dahil mawawalan na siya ng work…

  9. abaper says:

    grabe dito sa mckinley HELL! sila lang talaga ang nakinabang dito. sobrang hassle pumunta at umuwi, mahal ng mga kainan, at ang pinakamalupit eh BINABAHA!

    yung mga natipid ng company sa pagrent nila sa building eh nadagdag sa cost at effort ng mga employees.

    nung nasa boni pa kami, sobrang willing lahat ng tao na mag-OTY kasi paglabas mo andyan lang ang mrt at maraming makakainan. di nila inisip yun, mas nakakaperform ang mga tao noon kumpara ngayon.

    tsk tsk tsk…

  10. victim says:

    accenture should do something to clean this up..shame..shame..misleading people with their stable company daw..a fake..i was a part of them was really a pain in the ass working for long hours different from what was stipulated in the contract…it was really frustrating..they should live up to whatever stuff they are saying..walk the talk

  11. Dakote says:

    Wow! Lupit!

  12. Accenture applicant says:

    Gosh! This is SCARY! I just applied for CSR in ACcenture Cebu and I was asked to return tomorrow for interview.

    I dont know what Im gonna do now..

  13. Gunlock says:

    great post, thanks for providing so much. Keep up the good posts.!

  14. gladimout says:

    Things to hate in Accenture.
    -Overtime -meron ba
    -You’re mother askin what time youll get home
    -you’re wife askin what time you get home
    -missing the MRT
    -them TL fags
    -them Senior manager Fags
    -DArwin Soriano
    -Darwin Soriano Zombies
    -Darwin Soriano bithces
    -Bleeders Circle (where they make darwin zombies)
    -only fags and bitches get apgs
    -good programmers dont last except if your gay or pretend to be one.
    -them [email protected]@@DS chinese senior execs.
    -gazillion more…

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