Huawei Y6 Pro (2019) vs OPPO A3s (16GB) vs Samsung Galaxy J4+ Comparison Review

Huawei Y6 Pro (2019) vs OPPO A3s (16GB) vs Samsung Galaxy J4+ Comparison Review

Huawei released two smartphones this year that represents the company’s contenders for the budget segment, the Y6 Pro 2019 and the Y7 Pro 2019. Today, I’ll be taking a look at the former and see how it will fare with two other popular smartphones, the OPPO A3s and the Samsung Galaxy J4+. Since they’re all sporting the same SRP, let’s find out which device will give you the best bang for the buck.

Like in our previous comparisons, we break them down into several categories for this round-up:

1) Design and Build
2) Display
3) Camera
4) Processor
5) RAM
6) Storage
7) Connectivity
8) Battery Life
9) OS
10) Price

1) Design and Build

All of the three devices are made up of polycarbonate material with a glossy design which is quite the trend nowadays. The OPPO A3s comes with a wide notch design while the Galaxy J4+ doesn’t have one, but if you’re picky on this, then you’d be delighted to know that the Y6 Pro 2019 has the best of both worlds. While the presence of its dewdrop notch is the default setting, you can hide it simply by going to the display settings.

In terms of mass, the Y6 Pro 2019 is the lightest (150g) while the OPPO A3s is in second place (168g). The Galaxy J4+ is the heaviest phone in the bunch which makes it a less viable companion when traveling.

2) Display

The OPPO A3s has the largest screen size at 6.2-inch, followed by the Y6 Pro 2019 at 6.09-inch, then the Galaxy J4+ with the smallest at 6.0-inch. While it’s okay to want the largest screen size possible especially if you are fond of watching or streaming videos, the screen size difference is not that big. But in terms of quality, the Y6 Pro 2019 produces the sharpest and the most color accurate display which makes it the winner in this aspect.

3) Camera

All three phones sport 13MP rear cameras with varying apertures. However, the OPPO A3s has a secondary 2MP camera for depth effects. For the front camera, both the Y6 Pro 2019 and the OPPO A3s have 8MP cameras, while the J4+ has a 5MP camera.

When it comes to quality, the Galaxy J4+ brings the best dynamic range and sharpness, while the Y6 Pro 2019 has the best color reproduction in some pictures but lacks dynamic range and detail. The OPPO A3s, on the other hand, is leaning more into cooler tones but it’s average in other photo aspects.

As for the front camera, the OPPO A3s wins overall in terms of color reproduction, detail, and sharpness. The Galaxy J4+ is in second place since it has an average overall quality while the Y6 Pro 2019 with its Selfie Toning Flash 2.0 isn’t that bad, but the selfies have an overall noisy quality compared to the other two phones.

4) Processor


The Y6 Pro 2019 sports a MediaTek Helio A22 chipset, the OPPO A3s has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 450, while the Samsung Galaxy J4+ has a Snapdragon 425. Of all the three, the OPPO A3s only has an octa-core CPU, the rest are quad-core.

SpecificationsHuawei Y6 Pro 2019OPPO A3sSamsung Galaxy J4+
Geekbench840 (Single-Core)
2,474 (Multi-Core)
774 (Single-core)
3,448 (Multi-core)
660 (Single-core)
1,797 (Multi-core)
AndroBench291.71 MB/s (Read)
84.33 MB/s (Write)
297.91 MB/s (Read)
51.47 MB/s (Write)
289.96 MB/s (Read)
51.17 MB/s (Write)
Videoloop Test14 hours and 13 minutes21 hours and 27 minutes9 hours and 47 minutes

In terms of performance, The OPPO A3s comes out on top based on the AnTuTu benchmark score outperforming the Y6 Pro 2019, especially the Galaxy J4+ with its Snapdragon 425 processor.

5) RAM

Speaking of RAM, the Y6 Pro 2019 has the upper hand in the group for having 3GB of RAM. The rest are running on 2GB which is limiting especially if you’re planning run a number of apps in the background. This makes the Y6 Pro 2019 more capable when it comes to day-to-day tasks including light gaming.

6) Storage

Normally, smartphones under this price point only have little storage which can be seen with the 16GB of the OPPO A3s and Samsung Galaxy J4+. However, the Y6 Pro 2019 has a larger 32GB which is great since you can store more files, videos, games, photos, and music here.

7) Connectivity

The three phones have all the basic connectivity features covered like Dual-SIM support, 4G LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and microUSB. However, only the Y6 Pro 2019 has a built-in FM Radio antenna which lets users listen without requiring to plug headphones in the 3.5mm audio port, as well as Huawei SuperSound (Histen 5.0) for improved audio quality.

8) Battery Life

The OPPO A3s has the largest battery capacity at 4,230mAh, followed by the Samsung Galaxy J4+ at 3,300mAh, then the Huawei Y6 Pro 2019 at 3,020mAh. Looking at their playback time the A3s lasted longer at 21 hours and 72 minutes, followed by the Y6 Pro 2019 at 14 hours and 13 minutes, while the J4+ got a surprisingly lower at 9 hours and 47 minutes.

9) OS

Among the three phones, the Y6 Pro 2019 is the only one that is equipped with an Android 9 operating system while the others have Android 8.1 Oreo. Having the latest OS is a great thing as it contains the latest Android features and improvements, so Huawei wins this aspect.

10) Price

All three phones are priced at PHP 6,990, but since they sport different design, specs, and features, it all boils down to which device that can offer the best bang for the buck as you will see in our verdict below.

Our Verdict:


Huawei Y6 Pro 2019


Samsung Galaxy J4+

Design and Build



★ (Rear)

★ (Front)















All of the smartphones are priced at PHP 6,990, but the phone with the most advantages in terms of specs and features goes to the Huawei Y6 Pro 2019. However, if you want to get the best performance, selfies, and battery life, the OPPO A3s is a perfect choice. The Galaxy J4+, on the other hand, is also good if you’re into mobile photography.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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9 Responses

  1. JASON PILI says:

    nice na kompara talaga. pero sa exprience ko sa pag ssales ng smartphone na yan kung ano nagawian nila na bilin o yung parang mas tumagal sa kanila na brand dun parin sila bumibili :)

  2. el gato says:

    typo error here: “8) Battery Life
    The OPPO A3s has the largest battery capacity at 4,230mAh, followed by the Samsung Galaxy >>>S4+<<< at 3,300mAh,"

    mukhang naiba yata sa dating tabulated comparison na kadalasang ginagamit sa yugatech.
    imho, mas maganda ang tabulation dahil madaling tingnan ang pagkakaiba ng mga produkto.

  3. Vie says:

    Nice comparison. Thanks!

  4. Jo says:

    I have my Samsung J4+ i bought the other day, amazing!! I love it.

  5. Lyn says:

    Hindi ko alam ano ba talaga bibilhin ko if is it a Huawei y6 pro or Oppo a3s i love gaming and take a picture, so please help me and any suggestion. thanks

  6. jobert_sucaldito says:

    I have the realme c1 which is also the oppo a3s rebranded, so far i do not have issues with it nor have regrets buying it. For its price, battery, cameras, design and build, it is worth what i paid for it. Sure the huawei beats it since its been a year since the a3s was released, of course in a span of a year, there are so many upgrades you can do on a phone. would’ve been better if all comparisons were made on 2019 models.

  7. Jay Ann Salvo says:

    I love my oppo A3s 3ram 32gb.
    Best in selfist.. good performance.
    No hassle.. love it

  8. ric james a bohol says:

    .magAn da po b ung j4+

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