How can I not blog about this?

How can I not blog about this?

A reader contacts me with a really catchy Subject in his email — “Nationwide Emergency Roadside Assistance for the Car that Blogging Bought!” That little piece of personal news was like 18 months old and still, people remember it.

So yes, the meat of it all is that I am being offered a free membership at the Philippine Auto Club. The guys who run ICE PAC (In Case of Emergency call Philippine Auto Club) service sure knows how to get my attention. And though I already have an emergency auto service c/o my credit card company (Petron BPI), I’m a bit flattered to be offered another one. And since I’m a total n00b when it comes to cars, these kind of services can be a blessing when the time comes.


If you own a car or drive one, do check them out. I think the annual membership of Php950 is fair enough. Here’s what they have to offer in return.

Luckily, in the last 18 months of driving, I have not had any roadside problems (and this car has been to as far as Vigan, Baguio and down to Batangas). Several close friends of mine have had their share of car troubles and I was there to lend a tip or two.
And because of that creative email, they get a link love from me. :D

Update: Special 10% discount on new members who mentions they got this from YugaTech!

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11 Responses

  1. The offer looks good Abe ;-)

    Their service area is pretty good as well ;-)

    Would love to get feedback as to how good their service is.

  2. Noemi Dado says:

    That was a good move they made. The Petron BPI that you reminded me about really worked for me. High Tech Hauling truck!

  3. marhgil says:

    hmmm. macontact nga yang mga yan. alam ko lang din, magdrive eh. wala bang discount kapag sinabi kong nabasa ko sila from yugatech? :)

  4. alwell says:

    Since we dont have any auto service since our old auto club has expired I think its time get one. Last year alone we had encountered two road troubles. Mas makakatipid.

  5. LitoR says:

    nice post sir yuga. perhaps you should also blog about our failing economy tapos yung tumataas pa na singil sa kuryente. it’s funny kasi I just came to this link tapos yung mga ece at ee diyan sa forum site na yan were discussing a power saving device na nag-ooperate daw but a bit semi-illegal something.

  6. juvic says:

    Thank you very much Abe for blogging about the Philippine Auto Club and ICE PAC! As an incentive to your readers (especially marhgil!), we will give a 10% discount to any Philippine Auto Club applicant who mentions that he/she read it from Abe or Yugatech. More power to you Abe! The road to worry-free driving starts here!

  7. SELaplana says:

    Galing my discount na. E pano ako? Meron ba kayo dito sa Leyte? Anyway, wala ata e….

  8. juvic says:

    SELaplana, we also service Leyte! Our emergency roadside assistance service is nationwide!

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