5 Best and Worst deals we found at the Digital Walker Sale

5 Best and Worst deals we found at the Digital Walker Sale


Yesterday, September 30, until Sunday, October 2, Digital Walker is hosting a warehouse sale with items up to 90% off. For this article we’ll show you some of the good and bad deals of the sale.

We were given access to the sale before the door opens to the public at 12:00PM to see what’s on sale. We asked several employees regarding the item’s original and discounted prices as well as availability of stocks. Doors are open from 10:00am to 10:00pm but there might be cut-offs depending on Digital Walker’s decision.

Good Deals

1. Coloud Headphones/Earphones

Coloud isn’t really the most favored brand when it comes to audio, but their Knocks, Pop, and Boom Headphones are actually good especially for their price. While it isn’t on-par (and far fetched actually) against audiophile studio headphones or open-back types. The price of each headphone, however, justifies its performance.

During the 3-day sale Digital Walker is giving away the Pop for Php295, the Knock for Php395, and the Boom for Php495. A definitely good choice for music lovers on a budget who wants a decent sounding headphone that won’t break the bank.

2. Phone Cases


Throughout the entire sale area, the place is also swarmed by phone cases. There are cases for Android and Apple devices like the iPad Mini and iPhone 5 and above. There are generic and branded cases. There are others with built-in battery that can charge your phone when the juice is low.

The selections are wide and the cheapest I’ve seen was a Php150 case for the iPad 2 and iPad Mini. Prices go up to Php1,500 depending on the case and brand.

3. Tamron Lenses


The 3-Day sale might be the photographer’s dream as there are several Tamron lenses available. Ranging from 16-300mm, to 18-200, and 18-55mm, among others.

Prices for each lens vary, as the cheapest is the 18-55mm lens for Canon that costs Php12,800, but that is with a 30% discount (as with all lenses), so that’s a steal.

4. DJI Phantom 3 Drones

Drones are becoming more affordable as years pass by, and while it still isn’t priced for the general consumer or amateur photographers, the sale has some pretty good offers for the PJI Phantom 3.

Listed below is the price list from the Standard version up to the Professional version.

dsc09826The Phantom 3 Professional is sold at Php45,855 with one extra battery, while the Phantom 3 Advance is sold at Php36,405 also with an extra battery. It is cheaper compared to the SRPs of local stores.


5. Backpacks

There are backpacks as well for those who are looking for something to carry their gadgets. Prices ranges from Php1,000 up to Php5,000 depending on what kind of bag and brand. One example is Speck’s laptop bag is priced at Php2,650.

While there are good deals, there are also bad deals. Below are the not-so-attractive offers we’ve seen.

Bad Deals

1. Sennheiser Momentum

Sennheiser is a reputable brand for professional studio and monitoring equipment. The Momentum is actually a loved headphone of mine and I was shocked to see it on sale. However, when the price of the Momentum here is just staggering.

The Momentum version 1 is already phased out and you can easily buy a Momentum for around 6k at several stores – Egghead for example. Digital Walker’s sale price of the Momentum, however, is somewhat very disappointing. They are selling it for Php5,950 with a “discount” of 70%. The bad thing about this is that the base SRP of the Momentum is its original price which is Php15,000 more or less two years ago. That means you’re just paying for the current SRP.

2. Benro Tripods


Benro is a reputable brand of tripods and various professional camera equipment. Several Benro tripods are priced at Php7,000 and has a sale price of up to 30%. In several official camera stores the price of similar Benro tripods are priced at somewhere between Php3,000 – Php5,000.

3. AiAiAi TMA-1


The story of the AiAiAi TMA-1 is the same as the Sennheiser Momentum. The sale price of the AiAiAi TMA-1 is around Php8,000 that is 30% of from an SRP of Php12,000, but the ironic thing here is that the SRP of the AiAiAi TMA-1 on selected music stores such as In-Tune, Music Source, and Lazer is Php8,000. Which means this is the current SRP..

4. Battery Packs


Power banks / battery packs are also available and despite the sale prices the items are still somewhat expensive. The cheapest battery pack that we saw was around Php1,500 and the expensive one Php3,500.

5. UrbanEars Headphones
dsc09813The sale of UrbanEars are both good and bad. For starters, the products that they advertised such as the Plattans and Zinkens are priced at Php950, however, they were initially selling the Zinkens for Php1,480 – a 70% discount from the Php4,950 SRP. I had to convince the cashiers that the product was advertised for Php950 via Facebook and it took them awhile before finally confirming the discounted price.

There are also several UrbanEars items pricing issues such as the Plattans, and it took them awhile before they changed the price of the units. By most all of the UrbanEars headphones/earphones are set on a discount ranging from 30%-70% depending on where you took it and what the product is.

All in all, Digital Walker’s sale is one thrilling event filled with many goodies and several massive discounts. If you’re somewhat looking for a new headphone, lens, or anything “techy” in particular, checking out the sale would be worth your while.

This article was written by Pete Deyto. A Tech-Enthusiast of all sorts, he is the Business Development Officer of Veer Technologies and Reality+, and the Corporate Relations Manager of VR Philippines. He is currently taking up B.S. Computer Science at the University of Santo Tomas.

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9 Responses

  1. Clint says:

    Right with misleading prices. I was looking for portable speakers with prices 250, 450, 750 but no luck. They only have 30-50% discounts on portable speakers.

    • Martin says:

      There were portable speakers priced at 250,450, and 950. I was able to grab some of them. However, I think they ran out quickly by the time the public were allowed to enter by 12pm. I saw them replenish the stocks of the speakers though people were quick to grab them again. :(

  2. Easy E says:

    Yan na yun? Nagpunta ako sa Megamall at around 1130 and the line is crazy. Tapos ilan ilan lang ang pinapayagan at a time. Di pala worth, buti na lang di ako nakipila.

  3. cedrc says:

    Just the same as will alll the lame ass 70%-90% discount sale that happend to megamall..natutuna na ko dyan since the lg optimus vs. Nokia c6 sale..tinakabo k frm sm dept ground flr up to cyberzone pero umuwi rin k luhaan dhil sa haba ng pila at puro taga sm megamall ang nasa harapan..kaya good luck na lng para sa mga ma-uuto dito sa mga marketing strategies na ganito..

  4. Ernesto Gunazon Estrella Jr says:

    Yung Coloud Headphone lang pasok sa budget ko aha..Mahal pa rin nung tripod.

  5. Futs Dimagiba says:

    Dalawang coloud headset nabili ko blue & white casing nila bulok na!!!

  6. Leo Angelo Lacson says:

    bought the extravaganza crumpler bag at 90% off from its original srp of 13,450 php , sulit na sulit coz lahat ng camera gear ko kasya , me laptop compartment , well built and very stylish that’s the best buy in the whole event i think second for me was the cloud headphones , they look cheap but maganda ang sound output , third were the bluetooth speakeks and lastly were the ipod/ipad cases sadly wala silang available for the prev gen like my ipad 3 overall for me nasulit anman pila ko since i really needed the bag =)

  7. 0pasaload0 says:

    sobrang haba naman ng pila. dumating ako ng 10:30am ng friday and ang pila is hanggang ground floor na.

    buti pa ang mga taga media at bloggers nauna nang mamili..haaay..

    nagtataka lang ako kung saan nanggaling yung mga naka-pila?…30 mins lang ang difference ng dating ko from the time na na-open ang megamall pero sobrang haba na kaagad ng pila.

    dun ba natulog yung mga yun sa labas ng mall?..haha


  8. Madd Chadd says:

    Bought a Zinken. It was sticky but it was the last stock left there. It worked fine when it was tested there and there were no issues so i proceeded on buying it. But after an hour or less of use the wires started to peel off in several areas. Near the jack, at the end of the mic and capacitive button, and along the twirls. Sign that it was so old that it was deteriorated. I checked if I can get it replaced but a lot of people are also complaining about the same thing and got nothing but same old stock, or worse just remarks from the staff that the products were put on sale because of those reasons. And I ain’t travelling all the way there again just to get another old headphone or a smartass answer from their staff. Never buying from Digital Walker again. Sale or no sale.

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