Dell flew me to Singapore just to give this...

Dell flew me to Singapore just to give this…

Dell Philippines flew me to Singapore the other day to attend their regional launch of Dell Access, a new program they’re doing for media people and professional bloggers.

Dell Access is an exclusive community designed specifically for friends of Dell (according to that brochure that came with the card).

It gives each member:

– first hand previews to the latest Dell news


– exclusive discount on Dell products and solutions

– invitation to Dell events and showcases

– private workshops and product demonstrations

To start off the program, they’re giving us up to $SGD800 discount on an Alienware M14x (Core i7, 4GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, 1.5GB NVidia GT555M).

The Dell Access website isn’t up yet but they say they will put more exclusive offers there once it’s up. Don’t know how other professional bloggers and media people can get in or become a member but they just send out invites once everything is ironed out.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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41 Responses

  1. I am fake Jhay says:

    So you basically composed this post just to make us envious of you? Good job, Abe. Selling out is really your specialty. At least have the guts to keep my comment alive.

  2. yuga says:

    @I am fake Jhay – made this post just for you. looks like it’s working. hehehe

  3. alain says:

    cool story bro.

  4. Jam. says:

    Hmm I hope that a lot of Filipino bloggers can get in.

  5. mike says:

    that is why I don’t buy anything that is being shown on this blog. Companies spend money to give to bloggers only for bloggers to give false reviews. There is such a thing called CREDIBILITY!

  6. Cliff Rosario says:

    hahaha.. I just can’t help it don’t sound credible to me either..

  7. yuga says:

    mike: ano na lang po nabibili nyo e lahat na yata ng magandang gadgets nilalabas dito? baka sa Baclaran na lang po kayo nag shopping nyan.

    • Cliff Rosario says:

      hahaha.. malamang.. I read his post from another topic about a certain phone.. It seems he doesn’t have enough dough to get gadgets like that.. Top Troll mo ata ito @Yuga.. hahaha.. anyways.. ignore na lang..

  8. brein says:

    Can you let me borrow it so i can get discounts? Or just buy stuff with you para maka discount

  9. mike says:

    well just like what was posted about Mugen battery. It is an overpriced battery and everyone agrees. There are other branded batteries which only cost half of it.

    • Les says:

      blog po ito at hindi kayo pinepwersa na bumili ng anumang produkto

      Pasalamat ka nga at nalalaman mo sa Yugatech ang presyo ng mga items na patuloy na binabasa MO dito sa blog.

    • Eason says:

      Can’t Yuga blog anything about his Achievements?

      Its like some of the guys above wants to be like Sir Abe, well then start your own blog and try it. No one is forcing you to read the blogs here,

      if you can’t afford it then comment something about the price, if you think its impractical them suggest. Its how companies learn what the public wants, no company wants to throw their products in the market without research.

      Try to be a blogger like Sir Abe, but buy your review items as you suggested Mr.Mike you want reviews that companies doesn’t give as review sample. Let’s see if you can review all of them, or maybe you reviewed them but not the 1st to release it cause its in the market already :D

  10. Fleeb says:

    Wow nice discount.

    Also, to the mike guy, why not make your own competing blog.

  11. noob says:

    dami talagang inggiterong pinoy, sa halip na maging happy para sa achievements ng kababayan, puro bitterness alam. mga utak talangka. siguro, mga frustrated blogger mga yan, walang pumapansin sa kanila.

    magtanim na lang kayo ng kamote, buti pa!

  12. brein says:


    request ni mike mag review kanang ipod shuffle 2nd gen clone yung 300 pesos. XD

  13. Sana kami rin magkaroon nyan :)

  14. Darksen says:

    @mike you are one weird creature. wag na puro panghila pababa ang alam mo. wag ka mag alala kung may not soo good na product si dell mababasa din natin dito ang specification ng product na yun. Kung hindi tugma sa taste mo eh di wag mo bilhin. Eh kung tugma naman sa taste mo at gusto mo, di mo rin bibilhin ? pride lols. Eto para sayo kung mag blog si yugatech about fried chicken at gulay di ka na kakain ng fried chicken at gulay dahil nabasa mo dito ? gooduck! lols

  15. razorous says:

    Sana yung M11x yung discounted price nila!!! Hot with its new sandy bridge cpus, tapos benta mo sa yugadeals hehe

  16. Jam. says:

    Buy a lot of that Laptops. then sell it on yugadeals LOL

  17. Neil says:

    People shouldn’t be envious of sir Abe, especially if they want to make a career out of blogging. He was one of the pioneers who took the risk of making a local one even though it wasn’t really profitable nor feasible at the time. It’s guys like him that helped pave the way for us (and made local online advertising credible for sponsors).

    If you still can’t make it, you have nothing to blame but yourself (maybe if you spent as much time writing and promoting for your site as you do accusing people of selling out, maybe your blog would have more than 10 hits per day)

  18. daniel says:

    @MIKE – ang baduy mo! gumawa ka ng sarili mong blog para ikaw ang mag-manage ng gusto mo i-post! nakikibasa ka lng sa website nya ang dami mo pang reklamo. edi wag mo bilin kung mahal. pulubi ka kasi unlike Abe na mayaman ^^

  19. chris says:

    AGREE! Buy the products offered to you at discounted prices. Then give them as Yuga Deals for the same price as you bought them. Lahat tayo happy happy! HAHA. :)

  20. Jeff says:

    Kawawa naman si mike. eto 100 punta ka Cdr-king. dun k bili ng gadgets mo :) hehehe

  21. Kenth says:

    Do we see an Alienware giveaway/raffle contest soon? :) Hehe … just kidding …

    Congratz sir Abe …

  22. juicyjor says:

    arbor lol. nice one yuga. tama si razorous, pedeng pede sa yugadeals yan. parang nishare mo lang ung blessing! more power!

  23. Kenneth says:

    Hopefully, I can be included on the list too… :-D

  24. hardzz says:

    @mike basag na basag ka brad! dami mo kasi alam! hahaha

  25. erdie manalo says:

    @ MIKE: Kung wala kang magawa matulog ka na lang! Mongoloid ka ata bwiset ka! maglagay ka din ng blog mo inggitero kang frog! SHEETTT KA!

  26. MIKE says:

    Guys pardon me.. inggitero kasi ako.. wala na akong pambili kaya kelangan ko manira para may exposure. Tabla tabla na lang.

  27. kt says:

    Wow alienware!! Pangarap ko makabili neto, Swerte naman!

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  28. NemOry says:

    @mike, bahala ka sa buhay mo….blog to ni sir abe e…d nmn lahat puro gadget cguro, pwd nmn may halong iba…cge goodluck…hehe

  29. Jologs says:

    Bakit wala ako nito, naturingang sa Dell pa man din ako ngttrabaho. Huhuhuhu. Inggitero mode lang ako, hehehehe.

  30. It’s a great opportunity and privileged that you can’t just acquire through easy effort. Congrats! You deserves it.

  31. mhon says:

    vovo ni mike… kala mo di matratrace ip address mo noh… ingat ingat ka sa pananalita mo… baka pag natrace kung san ka nakatira – squatters area pala… hehe pulubi…

  32. Ligrev says:

    Congrats Mr. O! You deserve it!

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  33. Lezuric says:

    kaawa-awang nilalang. go buy some milk. kung gusto mo bigyan na lng kita?

  34. Wow, cool such priveledge :)

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