What's your best Black Friday deal yet?

What’s your best Black Friday deal yet?

While a lot of people are celebrating Thanksgiving Day in the US, it has been overshadowed by Black Friday deals with a lot of products on sale with deep discounts.

Amazon has been my go to place to shop online and have the items shipped to my friend in the US for forwarding later on via balik bayan box.

Last night, some pretty good deals appeared on Amazon and one such item is the Canon S100 which was selling for just $229 or about Php9,400 {see listing here}.


I also included the Kindle Fire HD which is sold for $199 (see here) for a total of $428 (Php17k) for both.

Incidentally, I still has some discount vouchers in my Amazon account so I was able to apply that and drop the total price for both to just $254 (Php10,400). Now that’s a great Black Friday deal!

Just the other day, Apple Philippines ran a Black Friday sale on their online store with discounts of up to Php5,000 {see our story here}.

Been doing this for the last 3 years or so and the charm has never faded. Anybody out there got really good Black Friday deals already?

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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30 Responses

  1. JP Esteban says:

    I got a WD Green 3TB HDD for $139.99 or PHP5746.59, but would have gotten a Seagate Barracuda 3TB for $109.99 if it hadn’t been for those meddling kids.

  2. Totku says:

    Black Friday Deals? Hmmm…here in the Philippines? Hmm..let me see…

    I was able to buy a 4-pack Bonus branded toilet paper from SM supermarket for only P1,000! People were making agaw agaw pa nga eh. OMG.

  3. lolz says:

    oo nga. this is an insanely stupid article.


    wtf Sino kaya ang target readers ng writer na to – trying hard to be kano?

  4. MarcoRey says:

    gusto rin maranasan ni sir yuga ang black friday sa ibang bansa kahit nasa pinas, hehe.

  5. Vatch says:

    Digital Games lang yuga, Steam, ETC.

  6. hatch says:

    This is such a trying hard article from yugatech.. Or should have just put a disclaimer that this article is for US citizen only as we really do not have that black friday/holiday here in pinas. This website has bcme somewhat silly and stupid at times…

  7. JP Esteban says:

    The amount of flak Abe is getting over this article is depressing, although I’m sure he’s used to such nonsense. It’s closed-minded, ill-thought comments like the above that really get me disappointed in Filipinos; both the ones that run their mouth without thinking, and the ones that do think but never talk.

    Totku, nice try at sarcasm. Unfortunately, you gave “lolz” here just the fuel he was looking for to go off spouting nonsense. lolz, syempre walang Black Friday dito sa ‘Pinas. Pero ang BLOG na ito ay hindi para lang sa mga Pinoy.

    And that emphasis stands: this is a BLOG; not a news site, not a community forum, not anything that must cater to anybody but the person who owns it. At ang “writer na to” that you’re addressing, lolz? That’s the owner.

    hatch, my above statement applies to your observation. Maybe it’s silly, maybe it’s stupid, but it’s not here to please you or people like you who don’t care to think about what you say before saying it. Abe doesn’t have to “try hard” when it comes to this blog. You’re the one going to yugatech.com, not the other way around. Whatever Abe “tried hard” at, it worked. It’s doubly disappointing hearing this from you, who proclaims to “blog not to impress but to express,” and who accepts responsibility for “what [you] say but not on how [we] understand it.”

    Understand this: this blog post isn’t about whether Black Friday sales are in the Philippines or not; everybody who has a brain knows it’s a US-only holiday. But we live in an age where we can transcend that limitation. Abe does, and so do other Pinoys; myself included. So do you, whenever you buy from Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo; or more fittingly, Ebay, Amazon, or Steam.

    Go try it. Black Friday + Amazon.com + Johnnyair.com OR My-shoppingbox.com OR Forexworld.us OR any other forwarding service you care about. Don’t say the option isn’t there for Filipinos, because it is. Don’t have a credit card? Gcash AMEX. Don’t trust buying online? Well, that’s your loss. And if you’re not going to try it and still insist on lambasting Abe (or anyone else) for writing something informative, interesting, and relevant on HIS OWN BLOG, then what is this I don’t even

  8. blackprideday says:

    blackfriday mo yang kalbong ungas na mukha mo!

  9. Brutus says:

    nakakatuwa (nde nakakatawa, something that make you smile not laugh) ang mga comment sa article na ito. kahit na wala tayong Thanksgiving Holiday, pwede din nating ma enjoy ang tinatawag nilang Black Friday kahit na nandito tayo sa pinas. I’m just assuming na ang mga naunang nag comment ay nde pa naka experience umorder sa Amazon or any other retailers online based in the US tapos ipadeliver kay Mang Johnny. wag naman nating tawaging bobo o ungas ang nagsulat dahil bumalik lang sa inyo yang sinabi nyo

  10. jayson says:

    you can experience Black Friday sale if you have Globe G-Cash they have this new product called GCASH American Express. Kahit nasa Pilipinas ka pwede.

  11. hatch says:

    JP Esteban- and to quote myself “if you don’t like what I am writing then you are free to comment” and i think i have the right to comment whatever i wanted to say!
    Anyway i rest my case. Happy Thanksgiving day Philippines hahahahaha ( insert sarcasm here)

  12. David says:

    JP Esteban – let’s just accept the fact that there are morons in this world like this hatch guy who does not know how to buy a Black Friday deal in Amazon. The sooner we realize that the better.

  13. Francis says:

    Funny how morons react to this post. Have you guys heard of online shopping? You know you can use your credit cards and a lot of ways to purchase something online.

    Anyway, I skipped Black Friday and will be skipping Cyber Monday this year, but for the past 3 years, me and my friend always buys PS3 games, accessories and Blu-Rays (movies and series) from amazon every Black Friday/Cyber Monday then have it shipped to our MSB account to save more from shipping. It’s really cheap, we save about 5,000 PHP.

    I skipped this year because I’m planning to buy a new phone =P. just saying.

  14. Sugar says:

    Sir yuga and people here,help me naman po,niroot ko kc galaxy mini ko taz may nainstall akong root app,ayun lumaki mga icon taz font,as in maximize lahat,nafactory reset ko na pero ganun pa dn po,taz d na ako makacall at makapagtxt kc nagkacrash.. Anu po gagawin ko.. Help po

  15. Lann says:

    Samsung Chromebook Series 5 3G 16gb
    Google Chrome OS
    Kaso January ko pa masusubukan.

  16. Galwin says:

    What I got this Black Friday? A one year subscription of reseller hosting worth more than 280USD for 57USD!

    What I would love to buy is a Canon lens, natatakot lang ako sa customs natin baka kunin? :)

  17. Bern says:

    5 Bluray disks and 1 PS3 Game , Thanks for GCash Amex and its virtual US address. It makes to order online to so convenient.

  18. jerome says:

    Gugong yung ibang nagcomment dito. With the internet kahit saan lupalop ka pa makakaranas ka ng Black friday sale. Anong tawag mo doon sa pag purchase ng super discounted sa mga online stores ? Gugong talaga yung iba dito lalo na yung hatch at umenglish pa hahaha yung lolz. Kahit ano pa sabihin nyo maiisip nyo gugong talaga kayo dahil sa reaction nyo kahit nagtago pa kayo sa alias nyo.

  19. Senyora Santibañez says:

    yung hatch na yun, malamang depressed yan, and nililibang nya lang sarili nya by posting pathetic comments here to feel superior or mapansin. Use your brain, knucklehead! that is if it hasn’t dried up yet.
    If you cannot relate to what the author of this blog is saying, google is your friend oh GAY one!
    And if you don’t feel like riding-along with the online-buying spree of some people, get-off of this site, and express yourself sa mga ka-baro mo! KSP ka lang kaya ka nag-comment eh.. and then for people to checkout your shit online.

  20. hatch says:

    @jerome before you talk please know what you are talking about.. ALIAS? click my profile and hatch is not an alias its a name given to me. Oh well what can i do with the very ordinaire name you got there.

    @senyorasantibanyes my reaponse to you”??? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA..

    IF you think im papansin then its your opinion. Im not gonna hate u guys for what, ahm hating me because i posted what i would like to say?
    This is a blog first and foremost. If u dont like this kind of commwnts duh???? go read a newspaper!!!! again better late then never to the both of you, happy thanksgiving day :D

  21. von says:

    Seagate Backup Plus 3TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive for $99.99

  22. Irv says:

    I was suppose the get the Kindle HD as well but I kinda changed my mind at the last minute haha! I just got my Ipad mini a few weeks back, it was an impulsive buy. Good thing I was able to talk myself out of it. Instead, I splurged my cash on lots of digital purchases on Steam/Amazon/GoG. Thanksgiving is still the most awesome holiday in my book (even though we don’t celebrate it) lol.

  23. edgeM says:

    First time to join this Black Friday and I was able to buy a Assassin’s Creed III Liberation PlayStation Vita Wi-Fi Bundle for $179.99 with digital download vouchers

  24. Erwin says:

    How about limited edition white Xbox 360 for $159 w/o kinect

    Just got this earlier.

  25. Blue says:

    Seriously, san galing ang mga retards na to going on about how this article is not applicable for Pinoy readers. I’m Pinoy, born and raised here – and I still live here, work here. But yes I take advantage of the black friday sales. Last year, I purchased the Canon sx220 during a lightning sale for $150 – at that time it retailed for twice as much here. This black friday/cyber monday I purchased the Lumix LX7 for $299 (along with the usual high speed memory card, extra batteries and case). There were so many sales to take advantage of but since I now have a mortgage to worry about I can allow myself 1 splurge and I opted for the Lumix. No I’m not using GCash – used a forwarding company and yes mas mura pa din.

  26. pinoy says:

    Black friday sale is not just for Americans. We can enjoy it even we are living here in the Philippines. TECHNOLOGY nga di ba? Sorry but it makes me feel agit when I read the comments above not knowing what they are saying. At the end of the day, we are entitled to express our opinion. Good thing here is… the author knows how to play the game. :)

  27. crack says:

    Are you a homo? homo as in homosexual?

  28. Angel says:

    Mostly blu rays lang and legos for my brothers.
    Nakakatakot kasi magship ng electronics these days especially if sea freight. Btw, we have Black Friday Sales din. I think SM Malls (at least SM North Edsa) had one and it was dubbed as the ‘Black Friday Sale’. It might not be as epic as the one in US but still, it’s a Black Friday sale.

  29. Angel says:

    Mostly blu rays lang and legos for my brothers.
    Nakakatakot kasi magship ng electronics these days especially if sea freight. Btw, we have Black Friday Sales din. I think SM Malls (at least SM North Edsa) had one and it was dubbed as the ‘Black Friday Sale’. It might not be as epic as the one in US but still, it’s a Black Friday sale.

    And I don’t think it’s trying hard if you shop on online shops in the US. I do it to save money since a lot of items there are way cheaper than their retail price here. I can get as much as 50% off shoes, blurays, gadgets, toys and perfumes even with the freight expenses.

  30. Cesar says:

    pwede po mag ask???? i ask a fiend of mine in the states to buy me something…… and i would like to send her the money……. ano po ba ang was na pwde ko padala sa kanya ung money??? yung mura lng ang service charge…… local product kasi and hindi ko makita sa shopping sites un pinapabili ko sa kanya…… thank you po…….

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