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5 Best Features of the HP MFP 1200

Businesses are always looking for ways to improve their operation’s efficiency. Whether it be faster lead times, smaller required space, or even shaving a couple of cents on their printing needs. This is where multi-function printers (MFP) come into play. Instead of having a dedicated photocopy machine, scanner, and Ink Tank printer, MFPs can do all these tasks at a reasonable pace while taking up little space. Today, we’ll be looking at the HP MFP 1200, and its six best features.

The HP MFP 1200 is designed to be a hassle-free printer that allows users to print a lot of pages without the need to oversee the printer. It’s designed to require minimal interaction to keep businesses be more efficient, without worrying about the reliability of their prints.

Author’s note: There are two variants of the HP MFP 1200: the HP MFP 1200w, which has wireless functionality and HP MFP 1200a, which does not. Other features remain the same.

Easy Reloading System

Unlike other printers that need a change of cartridge every time the toner runs out, the HP MFP 1200 employs an easy self-reloading system that allows users to refill the tank with just three easy steps. Just shake the replacement ink, plunge it into the designated ink hole, and twist to lock into place, then push the plunger down and twist to unlock.

Toner Efficiency

The HP MFP 1200 comes with 5,000 pages worth of toner out of the box. With HP’s easy reloading system, replacement toner is cheaper without the need for a dedicated cartridge. Each toner reloads kit can yield 2,500 (black and white) pages. Priced at PHP 700 for the single pack or PHP 1,250 for the dual pack, each print costs only PHP 0.25 – 0.28 per page.


High Input and Output paper handling

When printing large documents with lots of pages, the amount of paper the printer can take on at the same time becomes essential for a less hassle-free experience. The HP MFP 1200 has a maximum input of 150 sheets of paper in the tray, with a maximum of 100 sheets of paper in the output bin. This allows users to be more hands-free, without the need for replacing paper in the tray more frequently.

Compact and Lightweight Design

Managing one’s office space is a must, given how limited the workspace is, having a dedicated scanner, xerox machine, and printer would take up a lot of space, especially for SMEs. That’s where the HP MFP 1200 comes in. It’s compact, measuring only 380.5mm x 286mm x 293.4mm. Its boxy and straightforward design can fit almost any desk while being able to blend in its background.

Print and Scan Speed and Quality

The HP MFP 1200 can scan up to 600ppi, copy up to 600×600 dpi and print black documents up to 600x600x2dpi. Using the normal quality setting, the HP MFP 1200 can print the page of a black and white A4 document in 7.6 seconds, while colored documents can be printed in 10.9 seconds. Although the HP MFP 1200 isn’t the best in either speed or quality, it does, however, perform well in both areas, making it a very versatile printer.

The HP MFP 1200 allows users to print, scan, and copy more efficiently with less downtime.

The HP MFP 1200 is available in all HP authorized retailers and is priced at:
• HP MFP 1200a – PHP 14,790
• HP MFP 1200w – PHP 15,290

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