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5 Local Films you can watch for FREE!

Feeling cooped up and wondering what to watch with the amount of time you have right now or too broke to subscribe to a video streaming service?

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Well, no problemo! We prepared a list of films that you could watch for the rest of the month that are FREE!

 1. Sanctissima

Marissa lives alone in the dark with an even darker secret. Her only contact with the outside world were her patients, who come and go, oblivious of whether the fetuses that Marisa extracts from them survive or not. If you guys are into a good scare this might be the film for you.

Jane Ciego played by Iza Calzado, a successful actress, produces her film to gain respect from the industry. During the film production, she is involved in an accident that leaves her disabled. This film is very creepy and if you are into the whole psychological-thriller genre this is a must-watch.

3. Bar Boys

A film about friends who enter law school. It stars Carlo Aquino from Isa pa, with Feelings and Enzo Pineda from My Kontrabida Girl. This is a film that you could probably relate to deeply since the problems of the film are real.

4. That Thing Called Tadhana

At the airport, Mace (Angelica Panganiban) tries to eliminate excess baggage on her way back to the Philippines. Anthony (JM De Guzman) shows up and offers to carry her extra baggage. This a good film for Rom-com lovers. This warms the soul and has excellent chemistry with the main characters.

5. Dormitoryo: Mga wall katapusang kwarto

Dormitoryo is a film directed by Emerson Reyes features Ces Quesada, Aaron Salazar. Charles, an engineering student with an eye for beauty, just returned from school to a dormitory owned by Aling Linda, a strict, lonesome widow. Your in for a real treat with this film. PERIOD.

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