HP Smart Tank: One Printer to Rule them All

HP Smart Tank: One Printer to Rule them All

More and more small to medium businesses are being established these days. As most of those businesses operate in small offices and limited budgets, they need to be sure that the printer they’ll use will be low-cost and high capacity at the same time. Enter smart tank printers — small, yet capable printers that can be an excellent investment in small businesses.

Small to medium businesses can benefit from smart tank printers in several ways. Unlike traditional large business printers, smart tank printers are smaller and come with several functions already. A smart tank printer gives small businesses a helping hand without it costing too much.

As small businesses run on limited resources, a smart tank printer is quite economical for them. An all-in-one smart tank printer doesn’t cost a lot when it comes to electricity. Not only that but also, they’re compact devices that have multiple functions; all-in-one smart tank printers are space savers as well.


Smart tank printers are also cost-efficient for small to medium businesses when it comes to printing yield. Inkjet printers that use cartridges can yield only up to 400 pages, or even less than that, depending on the print demand. On the other hand, smart tank printers have a low cost-per-page yield and can produce around 8,000 pages in color, and about 6,000 pages in black ink.

Smart tank ink bottles also have a lower cost than ink cartridges, allowing small to medium businesses to save on expenses. Not only that, but smart tank bottles can hold a large capacity of ink, with its minimum of 70ml, allowing them to last for extended periods. Small business owners need to not worry about running out of ink quickly, nor having the ink dry or go to waste.

Small to medium businesses will also find that smart tank printers are low-cost in maintenance. They’re quite easy to set up and install, and that replenishing the bottles are hassle-free as well. The ink bottles can be re-sealed and have a spill-free refill system.

If you’re running a small business, you might want to consider an all-in-one smart tank printer. Setup is easy, ink bottles are affordable, and they can be used for printing, scanning, and photocopying. Above all, it will allow a small-scale business to thrive without worrying about the cost of printing.

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