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Top Tech Predictions for 2019

Today is the last day of 2018 and as we approach the new year and look back at the year that has past, we also want to take a sneak peek of the year ahead. We’ve been doing our tech predictions for the past several years, so here are our predictions for 2019.

1) Gaming phones will hit the mid-range category

This 2019, the biggest growth that we will see in the smartphone market is the gaming category. We’ve seen it done by Xiaomi, Razer, and Asus with its successful ROG phone launch. With the popularity of mobile gaming, gaming smartphones can still cut it in this very saturated market. ASUS is poised to do just that with a possible ROG smartphone in the 15k to 20k price range.

2) Local Smartphone Vendors will close shop

Even with large smartphone brands like LG and Sony not doing very well with their mobile division, we could be the same effect with local smartphone vendors. We’ve already seen them starting to wane down in their releases this past year so it will not be a huge surprise if we hear them giving up the smartphone market altogether this 2019. With aggressive marketing and spending by Chinese brands like Vivo, OPPO, and Huawei as well as affordable payment schemes like Home Credit, it’s pretty hard to match them and maintain good margins. The best case scenario is that only one of them (we’re talking about Cherry Mobile) will survive and thrive.

3) Unlimited Data will make a comeback

In the past few years, local telcos and ISPs have started shifting to volume-based charging. This was done to push growth and continue to increase margins and profitability. It did not only happen with mobile data but also with fixed broadband connections. It would seem that we will also be forever counting megabytes or gigabytes everytime we use our internet.


The only hope we have is more competition. And this could very well happen in 2019. With Mislatel poised to start operations by 2019, the telco business will become more exciting and competitive. The might just result to either better service or the return of unlimited mobile data. Besides, we actually have such plans already but in limited offerings (our Globe Platinum 5000 plan has unlimited mobile data) so it’s not far-fetched that these plans will trickle down to lower plans just to keep competition at bay. We’ve seen it happening in the fiber broadband market with the aggressive push of Converge. It’s highly likely we could also see it in mobile broadband.

4) USB Type-C will become a universal standard

Or very close to it.

It’s 2019 already and we are still seeing smartphone vendors using micro-USB. Type-C should be a standard already and Apple might just pave the way. They’ve already started shifting towards Type-C in the 2018 iPad Pro after making the switch with their MacBooks.

Our prediction is that Apple will also be using Type-C in the next-generation iPhones. Other smartphone manufacturers might just do this as well. Say goodbye to micro-USBs and Lightning cables in 2019!

5) Apple to buy DJI

DJI is an exciting and innovative company. What they need is a boost of coolness and Apple can deliver that. DJI can add value to Apple with their drone and imaging products. Apple can infuse a lot of new ideas (R&D) and marketing power to DJI. These two are just a great match.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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4 Responses

  1. el gato says:

    only 5 in the list in yugatech’s top 10 predictions for 2019?

    …then i re-read the title: “top tech predictions for 2019”. i need my eyes/vision checked. ;)

  2. EEE7 says:

    Cherry Mobile in Laoag City and Ilocos Norte, just closed there store in December 2018. I predict all local brands will vanish this year already. Win-Win for all Filipino consumers.

  3. gatcho says:

    apple to acquire DJI? hell no! sobrang gahaman sa pera ng apple … magmamahal lang ang DJI. and that “cool” company just lost $470 billion in market value

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