Watch: Globe Streamwatch Xtreme Prepaid WiFi: Set Up and Top Features

Watch: Globe Streamwatch Xtreme Prepaid WiFi: Set Up and Top Features

If you’re planning to buy or already got your hands on Globe’s Streamwatch Xtreme Prepaid WiFi, here’s a guide for setting it up and making the most of its top features. This prepaid all-in-one device is already a prepaid WiFi, an internet TV box with access to free local TV channels, and surprisingly, a videoke-ready device for your home.



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13 Responses

  1. Freeje says:

    Extremely expensive!

  2. Stephanie Jane says:

    I would suggest against buying this. It eats up too much data even when you’re not using it. I had 20GB topped up into it in the evening, and only a few episodes of Lucifer later it only showed 3GB remaining left. What a ripoff. I posted a similar review on the actual Globe site where this product is at. They NEVER approved my review, probably because that will deter other people from buying it then. I’m posting it here. My advice: DO NOT BUY THIS CRAP. Unless you don’t mind wasting Php3k plus frequent topups.

    • CottonCandy says:

      i couldn’t find a single article about how to properly reset the globe streamwatch xtreme prepaid router. it doesn’t seem to be as easy as just pressing the reset button. ugh. so much hassle.
      i agree about @stephanie jane’s comment that it eats too much data, it’s really a waste of money unless you don’t mind throwing it out often. anyway, i think it’s a good backup in case of emergencies. so yeah, it’s a 3k worth of a backup plus the load.
      i wish anyone writes an article about resetting this thing that actually works. can’t log into the gui, geez.

  3. Cabs says:

    ONLY FOR THE RICH HUHU! It consumes a lot! But my gaming experience was good.

  4. Nicasio Liwanag says:

    very poor customer service…walang sistema tungkol dito and how they can address customer’s concern….my unit’s android tv feature suddenly went out and displayed instead an ERROR…..after several consultations with the seller and their supposedly customer support, i finally ended up with the Globe’s customer support…..until now wala nganga….. considering that i had just bought the unit June 11,2019!!! grabe na OMG porke bayad na yung unit ganun na lang?

  5. jessie says:

    I think the reason why it eats too much data is because of the type of resolution of the video you are watching if you are doing a streaming. the higher resolution the higher data that it will require causing it to eat a high number of data. I’m only pertaining if you are doing the streaming,.

  6. Lani says:

    I was tempted to purchase this but when i researched what an internet TV box is, I decided to back off. Watching Netflix or streamed videos eats up 1 GB per hour (non-HD quality), so you can just imagine how much data that will consume. 1 movie will immediately consume around 2 GB. If you’re not careful about your TV watching habits, you will easily run out of data within the first days of purchase. Also, internet speed slows down when you’re streaming videos because it’s heavy on the bandwidth. Unless you don’t care about the budget (you can easily spend 4k a month on data), I strongly suggest to stay away from this device.

    Between this Globe Streamwatch Xtreme device and the Globe at Home Prepaid Wifi, go for the latter. The Globe at Home Prepaid Wifi is just a Huawei router that will provide your internet needs. It is easier for you to keep within the budget with this device.

  7. Cid says:

    Can it connect to an existing wifi? Can you install netflix?

  8. ram says:

    Do you know any other process or procedure to hard reset this wifi router? The reset button near the USB port is not functioning. I made some changes in the DCHP and it failed when I apply. I attempt to restore to its default setting yet this hard reset won’t work at all. I use the device with a model: SEI-120G.

  9. ray says:

    hello, how to rescan tv channels ? and what for 2 usb on xtream box ? thanks for answer. [email protected]

  10. Juan Hilot says:

    following, please any feedback might help. TIA

  11. Shania says:

    Do tv live channels not work when prepaid or do not have internet plan?
    I scan tv channels and nothing is found.

  12. vee says:

    I also had the same problem. I tried to apply changes in the DHCP settings and the modem started to reboot whenever someone tries to connect. The hard reset button doesn’t work. Can you suggest a solution? :(( We really need it for the online class tomorrow.

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