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WATCH: Overcharging – Quickly Explained

We were commonly taught that the healthiest way to keep our phone batteries optimized is to always drain it until it shuts down and use it after fully charging it to a complete hundred percent. But that habit is no longer applicable to modern lithium-ion batteries.


So what will happen now when we overcharge our devices? Watch the video to know more.


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  1. Resty says:

    Old news.. in the end old ways was still suggested regardless on newness of technology.

    It is IMPOSSIBLE to overcharge your modern smartphone battery. Like she said, new batts have tech that slows down charging when it’s nearing full. It works the same way. Charging current lessens to break even charge/discharge rate. Leaving you always at 100%.

    Still not convinced? Fast chargers nowadays goes as high as ~40watts, if it’s not halting charging automatically, just imagine all the burned homes.
    A simple google also does the trick. There are even peeps who “measured” the charging current as they charge and as batt reach full.

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