WATCH: Which Gadget is the DIRTIEST? (Experiment)

WATCH: Which Gadget is the DIRTIEST? (Experiment)

We did this experiment before the Luzon-wide quarantine and thought of finding out how much bacteria/mold are living on your gadget by rubbing it on a piece of bread.

We experimented on several of the more common gadgets we normally use on a daily basis — a smartphone, laptop, TV remote, earphones, and a power bank to see which one is the dirtiest.


Check out our results in this video:

Editor’s Note: This experiment was inspired by CS Mott’s Children’s Hospital wherein they did this experiment on hands washed with soap and water, hands rubbed in alcohol, and sanitizer. They rubbed a bread onto those hands, and it turns out, the bread that grew so much mold is from the hands cleaned with a sanitizer.

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