YugaTech’s Online Tech Buys: September 2020

YugaTech’s Online Tech Buys: September 2020

When it comes to buying products online, the YugaTech team is keen on verifying good deals and quality—especially when buying expensive items. By refusing to go outside more often, most of us spend our time online shopping for the gadgets and tech accessories we need and want.

So to guide you in your online shopping, here are the tech peripherals and accessories we bought online for the month of September.

Editorial Team

Abe Olandres – Editor-in-Chief

  • GoPro Hero 8
  • MacBook Pro 2020

I bought the GoPro Hero 8 so I can go moto vlogging after I bought a Kawasaki Ninja 650. Then the new MacBook Pro 2020 is an upgrade to my old Mac Air for video editing.

Louie Diangson – Managing Editor

My online purchases for September are mostly accessories to protect my current devices and to make work easier. I recently transitioned to a MacBook Air so I got a case for it. I also got a case for the iPad Air that has a provision for the pen. For work, I got ASUS AI Noise-Canceling Mic Adapter and a reclining chair with a footrest so I can easily relax without leaving my desk. I recommend the former if you’re working from home and take on calls a lot, while the latter is to add comfort and lessen the physical stress from hours of work.

Jewel Sta Ana – Senior Multimedia Producer

Apart from needing a decent ring light for product shoots, I like to add lighting to my workstation that’s not too overwhelming. This ring light is compact, has adjustable brightness levels and height, and doubles its purpose as a table lamp. I want to keep things in order on my table too that’s why I bought a headphone stand.

If you want multipurpose lighting for content-creation, amateur product shoots, and a table lamp, then go for this ring light. You’ll need to have a power source with a USB-A port though. The headphones stand is also a good buy if you need something that’s stable yet lightweight to place your headphones on when not in use.

Mary Grace Maala – Multimedia Producer

What I’ve recently bought online are these lights. These are added to my working essentials at home. If I were to choose between the two, I would honestly pick the smaller one, as I could either clip or place it anywhere I want to. Anyway, both are worthy of their prices under PHP 350, so I’ve got no regrets and I’ll definitely recommend these to y’all.

Video Team

Joey Maceda – Video Production Manager


With the amount of video calls, meetings, and livestreams I’ve had to do lately, I got tired of using my smartphone as a webcam for my desktop PC, so I decided to get a proper one. I wasn’t ready to take the plunge with the more expensive C922, but the C310 is more than enough for my current needs.

Justine Basco – Multimedia Producer

I’ve been using a cheap tripod for shooting videos because I found it lightweight and easy-to-use with my small Canon G7x III camera. And since my good old cheap tripod already gave up on me, I bought a slightly better one which is the Yunteng VCT 5208. I recommend it if you also have a small-sized camera or if you’re planning to use your smartphone for it.

Alyza Angeles – Multimedia Producer

My terrible lower back pain urged me to buy the massager but the moment it arrived, the pain was gone. But my family and I still use it when we feel like using it, especially my mom. As for the mouse, I was looking for the cheapest wired mouse available then I found the Rapoo N200 which only costs PHP 99.

Arel Ebana – Multimedia Producer

I bought the 2020 MacBook Air because my old MacBook has a motherboard issue. Since MacBook these days doesn’t have other ports than USB type-C, I bought USB hub from Baseus, which I wouldn’t recommend you to get, because it is one of the cheapest USB type-c dongle you can buy, it lacks other port that you might need like another USB type-c port since when you plug this dingle in, it blocks all type c ports on the MacBook Air. I bought the HAYLOU Solar IS05 because it is the cheapest yet well-designed smartwatch you can get.

I recommend them, especially the Haylou Smartwatch because you can get a well-designed product for less that has the same functionality as most of the more expensive watches.

Enzo Angeles – Multimedia Producer

For the month of September, I bought a Zoom H4n through Facebook’s Marketplace. I Bought it mainly for Recording better voice-overs for work. And I highly recommend it if you’re on a tight budget and in dire need of quality audio. But if you have the time and money I suggest picking up an H5n or the latest Zoom Recorder out there.

Client and Operations

Joaquin Segovia – Operations Specialist

I recommend it for those casual gamers and other work to be done on their computer. It is a build that doesn’t break the bank.


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