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Binance introduces Binance Institutional for VIP and institutional investors

Binance has just recently introduced Binance Institutional, its platform designed for VIP and institutional users.

Binance Institutional

Binance states that it offers a comprehensive product suite and exceptional market liquidity with customized solutions for all types of institutional users.

Institutional users include corporates, brokers, asset managers, hedge funds, liquidity providers, miners, high-net-worth individuals, and others alike.

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Binance 2

Binance Institutional users can expect world-class Binance digital asset solutions such as Execution & OTC Services, Asset Management & Custody, Broker Program, and Liquidity Program.

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Institutional users of Binance can also expect institutional-grade products and services such as Trading Solutions, Yield Products, Professional Services, and Data & Reporting. 

To learn more about Binance Institutional, you may click here.

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