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LG G4 Beat Review

OS, Apps, and UI

It runs Android 5.1.1 with LG’s customization. While LG’s skin on top of Android is not everyone’s cup of tea, the company did a good job in keeping things light and straightforward.lg-g4-beat-ui

LG even included some key Google apps to get you started with your familiar Google services like Gmail, Drive, Maps, and YouTube. There’s nothing much to say about the UI that we haven’t tackled before since LG is consistent in giving similar user experience throughout its releases, may it be a budget or a flagship smartphone.

It’s basically a standard Android flair with some tinkering. The QuickMemo+ feature is here too, like most LG devices in the market today, and the Q-Slide mini apps for better multi-tasking.

Camera and Multimedia

With an 8-megapixel rear shooter plus laser autofocus capability, you’d expect the G4 Beat to take stills quickly. It does, but not as quick as advertised. Quality, on the other hand, is at par with most 8MP sensors. It can capture bright and decent stills, given that the environment is well-lit. Indoor shots are murky and unappealing, although the LED flash can help but it tends to fill in too much light.


It inherits the manual mode of the LG G4 which is great. This allows better control over photos and should please photography enthusiasts. The samples below are taken with auto mode which most of the buyers prefer.

Video recording is up to 1080p only with no OIS present. If you have a shaky hand, like mine, stabilization is badly needed during video editing. Quality is the same as the stills but with less vibrant color reproduction. Framerate is steady at 30fps with middling stereo sound. Check out the quality below:

The front-facing camera is a wide 5-megapixel shooter with average quality for social media selfies. Camera-wise, the G4 Beat doesn’t have the power of its bigger brother but it performs pretty well on its own.

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This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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3 Responses

  1. Impreza says:

    Walang binabat sa zenfone 2 selfie..

  2. Jess says:

    8 GB internal storage is appalling in that price range. It’ll fill up quickly with just few apps.

  3. kwanabooo says:

    dagdag k lng 2k lg g3 via kimstore 32gb internal, snapdragon 801, nfc, ois , 1 watt speaker and 3gb ram flagship lvl specs

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