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Some noteworthy updates from the Googleplex. The rumored GPhone ain’t real, some Western Union problems for Google AdSense, the Google OpenSocial goes live and a little disappointing plus more news from Mountain View.

The rumored Google Phone (GPhone) is not really a phone. Google likes software, particularly the kind that puts ads on Web pages, making Google rich. So, it’s not really a surprise that what Google did was to launch Android, a mobile phone platform. That way, Google will be more prepared and ready for the mobile web of the future.

Saturday’s Feedburner Subscriber count drop was actually caused by Google Feedfetcher not reporting any numbers (went offline). This blog’s RSS count dropped by almost 300 over the week-end. It has been resolved now and the numbers are back up.

Google bought the shortest possible domain name in the Chinese namespace – g.cn. This should help Chinese people get into Google search faster than they can type Baidu. Hat tip to Ernesto Pacheco.

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

Open SocialThe OpenSocial applications use Google’s gadget architecture but with extensions that provide programmatic access to social data within its container environment. Similar to Google Gadgets, OpenSocial apps are hosted XML documents with HTML/JavaScript within their bodies. MySpace is reported to be on board with this while Facebook claims it was not invited earlier on. Facebook may not realize OpenSocial is a move to take over the social networking space. So where’s Orkut in all this?

Since November 1, 2007, Indonesian Publishers have noticed that the Western Union option in their Google AdSense account just disappeared. Indonesian AdSense Publisher Heru emailed me asking if this also happened to Philippine Publishers. Anybody heard of the same incident here?

On a related note, I realized yesterday that my AdSense payout was approved last October 25 for Western Union. Went to one of their branch but wasn’t able to get my payout due to lack of funds on their part. Overheard that branches only get Php100,000 and $1,000 of cash reserves a week. Need to find me a bigger WU branch.

And lastly, due to the crackdown on paid link ads by Google, some webmasters have reported higher income from link brokers like TLA and TLB, including direct ad sales. This could be attributed to the “supply and demand” — as less publishers join the link selling market, the demand for ad placements goes higher. Good for the ones who stick to their revenue sources, better luck next time to those who caved in and bowed down to Google’s wishes.

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  1. Offtopic:

    Hi Yuga,

    This is just a feedback. There is an error on your captcha because there is this message appearing after I hit submit the button:

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/yugatech/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/SK2/sk2_second_chance.php:2) in /home/yugatech/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/polls/polls.php on line 1088

  2. Regarding the WU, you can ask the staff there for a reservation (if they are out of cash: peso or dollars) if somehow the branch employees are friendly. Good thing that the WU branch near our area are friendly enough to customers and some of the customers can en cash as much as php250k.

  3. Avatar for otoy otoy says:

    although maliit lang adsese earnings ko.. but no problem here in davao hehehe

  4. Avatar for Googler Googler says:

    @eugene, its not only to save $24 why some publishers switched from DHL to WU. In WU you can have it the next day after “payment issued” unlike sa DHL, 3 days delivery plus 3 days clearing.

  5. Avatar for Googler Googler says:

    @eugene, its not only the fee why some publishers switched to DHL. Bukod sa makakatipid ka ng $24, you can also get it the next day after payment issued. No 3 days delivery plus 3 days clearing.

  6. Avatar for Mikko Mikko says:

    I’m still waiting for my first payout. I’m excited. ;D

  7. Avatar for boddah boddah says:

    I also got my first WU transaction last week here in Pateros WU, it’s also fast since konti lang yung pumupunta dun.. less than 15 minutes kuha ko na agad..

  8. Avatar for Eugene Eugene says:

    @Googler, well, if you get $3000/mo, then you can afford the $24 DHL fee! :-)

  9. Avatar for Googler Googler says:

    I supposed to get the payout last Monday pero offline ang WU.

    Yesterday (Tueday), I experienced the same sa Yuga, problema nga on some branches of WU if your payout is $2k or more. I was in Del Monte yesterday and they game me 2 options, either wait until funds are accumulated or go to Malate and Makati branch where high payout is readily available.

    I just waited. 3 hours lang naman, buti na lang may customer na nag send-out ng $3k. Kaya ang binigay sa akin S3K plus the rest is in peso. They got the highest rate yesterday at 43.55:1

    Before that, I also tried China Bank and BPI, pero Western Union denied to send the amount via these banks. Ewan ko kung bakit!

    Masyadong maraming hassle ang 1st WU transaction ko and I am thinking of going back to DHL.

  10. Avatar for jhay jhay says:

    I got my AdSense payment tru WU last week. It was quick, easy and the exchange rate is much higher compared to converting the dollar checks via our local money changer here in Cavite.

    Can’t wait for the next payment. :P

  11. Avatar for eu-leh eu-leh says:

    i just claimed my western union today at BPI. waiting time is 30 minutes. no questions ask.

  12. Avatar for Michael Michael says:

    I never read of any negative Adsense Western Union transfer here in the Philippines.

    Also, Malaysian publishers successfully transfered via WU.

    WU for Indonesian Publishers was not originally available when Adsense announced it last September.

    If you exceed the WU branch fund limit, try if you can to find a bank offering WU transfers.

  13. Avatar for Miguel Miguel says:

    I’m guessing that Android would be an AJAX-style platform for mobile apps. Google would like the same codebase on web apps, OpenSocial apps, and now mobile apps.

    And a Series60 killer too!

    Now what I would like to know… any more successful applicants to Google abroad? Or even on-site interviewees like my friend?

  14. Avatar for marhgil marhgil says:

    hehehe. kulang ang funds ng WU para sa Adsense ni Yuga. :) About the TLA, I did not cave in to Google, pero wala pa ring bumili ng links sa akin. :(

  15. Avatar for Eugene Eugene says:

    The Saturday FeedBurner drop is readily explained by looking at the subscriber stats. You’ll immediately notice the absence of Google Feedfetcher. It’s a glitch and nobody needed to have worried about it.

    As for Western Union, I’ll try to drop by a branch later. Since my earnings is nowhere near Yuga’s, I should have no problem with lack of funds. ;-) Will blog about the WU enchasing when I’ve done it.

    I’m having mixed feelings about OpenSocial API. It seems to be just a widget platform that provides you with a consistent way to tap the social data of the widget user in a particular social network. I’m still looking for the solution to the Social Graph Problem as explained by Brad Fitzpatrick (creator of LJ). Google’s OpenSocial does not solve that problem, it seems.

  16. Orkut is one of the first to adopt/use the Open Social API.

    In fact if you go to http://code.google.com/apis/opensocial/ ,the homepage for the API, you’ll see a link to Orkut and its dev site.

    I won’t be surprised if Orkut gets a boost in the number of Orkut apps in the coming weeks

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