10 must-have Google Chrome Extensions

10 must-have Google Chrome Extensions

One of the most used web browsers in the world is Google Chrome. Aside from its convenience when browsing, it also gives the user the power to personalize the software to their liking. Among its useful features is that you can install various extensions to have a more helpful, more comfortable, and centralized browsing experience. Check out these ten must-have Google Chrome extensions below.

Author’s Note: You can click on the link on each extension’s names to go directly to their product page on the Google Chrome Web Store.


If you’re mostly into online writing and blogging, you’ll need Grammarly in your life. This extension proofreads your overall spelling and grammar while providing you with suggestions on how to reword or rephrase your sentences better. It’s free and will work on most of the websites that you visit like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, WordPress, and the likes.

Note Board – Sticky Notes App

Note Board is putting sticky notes on every webpage you visit, and it will still be there even though you close the tab. Apart from customizing the size and the color of the note, you can also put images, popups, public boards, and even manage the ones that you created via its Android or iOS app.

[appbox googleplay com.oscardr.tablonnotas]

[appbox appstore 899770084]

Google Dictionary

Often, you have to open another tab to search for the definition of a term that you don’t know. Google Dictionary helps you browse the words quickly with just double tapping the word. You can also view the complete definition using the toolbar dictionary and store them so you can check them out later.

Full Page Screen Capture

If you are a developer or someone who wants to capture the whole webpage, then this app is for you. With a single click or pressing “alt + shift + p” you can immediately screenshot the entire page and store it as JPEG, PNG, or PDF in your computers easily.

RSS Feed Reader


If you are fond of reading news, blogs, or any publishing websites online, then the RSS Feed Reader is for you. In this extension, you can export, setup, organize, and customize your RSS or Atom feed. It also notifies you if there’s a new story published in your subscribed website. You also have the liberty to switch to a dark mode which is the preferred design of most people nowadays.


If you’re a heavy user who opens a lot of tabs, then OneTab is one way of reducing the clutter in your Chrome browser. This extension remembers the pages you visit and groups them so that you can revisit them whenever you want. I suggest that you back up and export the tab list from time to time since there is a chance that it would fail to load when your browser suddenly crashes.

GIPHY for Chrome

Are you fond of posting memes or you’re just a lively person who wants to express themselves with a single GIF? Well, this extension is for you as you can search quickly for the GIFs available in GIPHY and post it in websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Slack, Discord, Hipchat, and the likes. Just click on the icon at the right-hand corner of your Chrome browser and type in any GIFs that you want to use.


uVPN or Unlimited VPN is a free Virtual Private Network extension on Chrome which can establish a proxy tunnel between you and the VPN servers. Its use is to switch to a list of select countries and get their local IP address to bypass a blocked website with a single click.

uBlock Origin

Do you hate various kinds of advertisements that keep popping out of the websites you visit? uBlock Origin can help you reduce that problem. Initially, the filtered ad lists come from the following:

  • EasyList
  • Peter Lowe’s Ad server list
  • EasyPrivacy
  • Malware domains

You can also enable other filtered lists, but it would consume more memory, so I suggest that you’ll stick to the default setup.

Last Pass

Last, but not the least, is the Last Pass. This extension will be handy especially if you want to keep track of all the account credentials you have on all of the websites that you visit. You can automatically sync and login passwords across the browser with ease. The only thing that you’ll need to memorize is your Last Pass account but make sure that you don’t share it to anyone as it could lead to a compromise if you’re not careful. You can also attach PDF files, documents, images, and music here. You can also access everything by opening your Last Pass Vault to manage everything that you stored there.

That wraps up my list of the must-have Google Chrome extensions today. I am aware that Google Chrome itself already consumes a lot of memory, so I recommend you to check your system’s RAM first before getting these extensions. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations for your fellow readers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. hateads says:

    add adblockers, pang tanggal ng ads sa yuga.

  2. JD3 says:

    uMatrix is good companion to uBlock. You can manually select what third party site to allow or block. I use it on both Chrome and Brave,

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