Fast Five: Top Powerbanks under Php1k

Fast Five: Top Powerbanks under Php1k

An extra juice for your device is a must-have for people on the go nowadays. In this Fast Five edition, we take a look at some of the top powerbanks you can purchase under a thousand Pesos.


Why not purchase one? It keeps you connected to your family and friends when you’re on the brink of running out of battery. It’s now considered an essential tool, especially if you have a smartphone or other device with a measly battery capacity. Here are five of them, listed in ascending order of capacity. You may check out their product pages on Lazada, as linked on each of the powerbank’s prices if available.

Xiaomi Mi Powerbank (5,000mAh, P695)


Xiaomi may have the least battery capacity in this post, one thing that makes its 5000mAh Mi powerbank stand out is its form factor — the whole product is just 9.9mm thin. That’s just about as thick as some of the most bulky smartphones we can see on the market today, and it’s a feat since we still see a lot of bulky 5000mAh ones today.

ASUS ZenPower (10,050mAh, Php795)


Speaking of form factor, the 10050mAh Asus Zenpower stands out on its own not only because of the multiple colors it offers, but also of its size. It’s really as big as your credit card, and those who purchased it can attest to that.


Infinix PB-10BR Powerbank (10,400mAh, Php750)

infinix powerbank_1

Newcomer brand Infinix also released in the local market its own version of a powerbank. What differs this one from the rest is it has a built-in flashlight, aside from the fact that it has two USB ports with different currents for charging. That 2.1A port is great for quicker charges on the go.

Huawei Honor Powerbank (13,000mAh, P990 offline)


Chinese tech conglomerate Huawei also released its own powerbank under the affordable Honor lineup. Their version touts a massive 13,000mAh juice, enough to charge your phone for up to five times.

Romoss Sense 6 (20,000mAh, Php950)


Rounding up this list is one from Romoss, which offers a whooping 20,000mAh battery for 50 Pesos under a grand. The Sense 6 offers charging devices from the powerbank even while the latter is charging too, as well as more than 300 recharge cycles over the life of the battery.

That’s it for some of the top powerbanks you can purchase under Php1k. Who knows, these might be your holiday gifts for yourself or loved ones too. Got more suggestions? Drop them down the comments section below.


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23 Responses

  1. walang Pineng sa list?
    899php for a 20k mA powerbank, beats everything on the list..

  2. Pineng says:

    Pineng PN-999 20000mAh Power Bank under 1k also.

    628 ratings & reviews sa LAZADA.

  3. Jorge Mamon says:

    Carl, kulang ka sa research. May ma e post lng oks kna? Pamparami lng clicks? E san ang Pineng sa list? lol.

    • I’m aware of Pineng and their bang-for-the-buck powerbanks, but I personally wouldn’t want to suggest something that I haven’t seen or tried. That’s why we left the comments section open for your recommendations.

    • LOLouchie says:

      here jorge, apply aloe vera all-over your face. you’re welcome.

  4. jron says:

    where are they available?

  5. P N Bear says:

    Pineng- it’s legit. You can check the authenticity of your powerbank on their site (parang xiaomi). This is something not a lot of powerbanks can claim to have.

  6. manny says:

    Pineng PN-920 20000mah Powerbank now 799 only by Lazada , I love this power bank and its digital display, I have a xiaomi powerbank older generation, Pineng PN-913 10000mAh Power Bank Php 649 only…

  7. Liessa says:

    I’ve found your blog just today. Sad to say I’ve already bought a power bank. Any way its still fall under 1k Php. Pokeball powerbank with 12000mAh from

  8. Ainsley says:

    I’m planning to buy a power bank but till still cannot decide what to buy. Whis is great brand, Pineng or Romoss?

    Your suggestions will be very appreciated.

    God bless!

  9. Misty says:

    Romoss Sense 6 costs 1399. :(

  10. Ariean Arcilla says:

    Pineng or Romoss? :(

  11. Jessie says:

    Pineng is best among them. Long time user here.

  12. Jonna la rosa says:

    Which is better? Pineng or romoss?

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