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Government IDs and services you can apply for online


Need to get a valid ID? You might be searching for how to get one online! It’s good that applying for government IDs isn’t as complicated as it used to be. Nowadays, almost everything can be done with just a few clicks, and the services provided by the Philippine government are also made accessible. So now, we are compiling the ones you can apply for online!

Government Ids 1 • Government Ids And Services You Can Apply For Online

Author’s note: These applications are either fully or partially online, and some still need personal appearances to accomplish fully. 

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Passport • Government Ids And Services You Can Apply For Online

A passport is the most important travel document you have when you travel internationally. It is not only useful for travel, but it is also one of the most accepted valid IDs. So here are the steps to follow for getting a Philippine passport.

Step 1 – Book an appointment

Secure an online appointment through the DFA Online Passport Appointment System website. Find the nearest DFA Regional office nearest to your current address, and choose a schedule to set a DFA appointment. Provide all the necessary personal information needed.

Step 2 – Personal appearance

Make sure to bring all the required documents and a duly accomplished application form on the day of your personal appearance. Then, once you’ve paid for the passport, all you have to do now is to wait to claim your passport or have it delivered.

National ID/PhilID

Passport 1 • Government Ids And Services You Can Apply For Online

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) has launched the PhilSys pre-registration website for the country’s national ID this year. Through the online portal, applicants for the National ID may now be able to process Step 1 of the registration. Check out the three steps of PhilSys registration below.

Step 1 – Collection of demographic data and appointment-setting for Step 2. Information to be collected and stored under the PhilSys include name, sex, birthdate, birthplace, blood type, address, nationality (whether Filipino or Resident Alien), marital status, mobile number, and email address (optional).

After registering online, applicants will still have to personally go to their chosen registration centers to capture biometric information and validate supporting documents.

• Step 2 – Validation of supporting documents and capture of biometric information. Biometric information includes fingerprint, iris scan, and front-facing photograph.

• Step 3 – Issuance of the PhilSys Number (PSN) and the PhilID (physical card). The PSA mentioned that the PSN and PhilID would then be delivered to the applicant via PHLPost.

Steps Registration Philsys • Government Ids And Services You Can Apply For Online

To know more about it, read Philippine Identification System (PhilSys): What you need to know.

NBI Clearance

Nbi Clearance • Government Ids And Services You Can Apply For Online

NBI Clearance is usually one of the requirements needed for job applications. Good thing, getting an NBI clearance through the new online application system has been made easier. Follow the steps below.

Realme Philippines

1. Go to the NBI Clearance Online Services website.
2. Register to create an account. Make sure that all details you’ve entered are complete and correct.
3. Enter the One-time Password (OTP) sent to your registered mobile number.
4. Log in to your account.
5. Fill out the “Applicant Information” form.
6. Select “Apply for Clearance.”
7. Provide the type of ID (and its ID number) that you’ll bring on the day of your appointment for verification.
8. Choose your preferred NBI Clearance branch.
9. Select your preferred appointment schedule.
10. Choose a payment option.
11. Pay the NBI Clearance fee.
12. Proceed to the NBI Clearance center to have your photo and fingerprint biometrics captured.
13. Claim your NBI Clearance.

However, if you need to renew your old/expired NBI Clearance, here’s how to renew online.

Postal ID

Postal Id • Government Ids And Services You Can Apply For Online

Postal ID is one of the IDs that are easy to get. Follow the three steps below.

Step 1 – Download the application form from the Philippine Postal ID website. Print out two copies and completely fill out both copies. Take note that there are red check marks on the form that show the required fields.

Step 2 – Upon approval of your requirements, proceed to the nearest ID capture station, where you will be digitally photographed and fingerprinted. Check out the ID capture stations here.

Step 3 – When you complete the ID data capture process, your ID will be delivered to your mailing address.

Note that the Postal ID will be delivered in about 15 working days in Metro Manila, 20 working days in other major cities and municipalities, and 30 working days in island provinces and remote barangays.


Sss 3 • Government Ids And Services You Can Apply For Online

To get an SS number, you may register through the SSS online facility. Here are the steps to follow for the unified multipurpose ID card application.

1. Accomplish all fields of the online form correctly and submit.
2. Click the link sent to your email to continue with your application.
Note: The link expires in 5 working days, and once it expires, you need to repeat the registration process.
3. Supply all the required information.
4. Click the “Generate SS Number” button to view your SS number and to print the form, SS Number Slip, and Transaction Number Slip. You will also receive the PDF copies of the said documents through email.
5. Check your email for your My.SSS account activation link and the List of Required Supporting Documents for your SS Number.
6. Present the transaction number slip and supporting documents to the E-Center personnel of the SSS Branch.
7. Proceed to UMID Card Enrollment upon the instruction of the E-Center personnel.

Through the Social Security Systems (SSS) website, individuals can not just register for membership but also pay their contributions and loan repayments. Under the My.SSS tab, members can check their membership, contributions, as well as request copies of their records. There is also a member-exclusive forum where individuals can discuss SSS-related issues.


Pag Ibig 1 • Government Ids And Services You Can Apply For Online

Pag-IBIG Fund Online Registration System caters to new members of the Fund who intends to register their member’s information. Follow the steps below on how to be a Pag-IBIG member.

1. Go to Pag-IBIG’s online membership registration website.
2. Click the Continue button.
3. Enter your complete name and birth date. Then, input the CAPTCHA code and click the Proceed button.
4. Fill out the required fields on the online registration form. Then, click the Next button to proceed to the succeeding section.
5. When you’ve completed the Pag-IBIG membership online form, click the Submit Registration button. The Successful Registration page will appear, and you’ll also receive a text confirmation.
6. Click the Print MDF button to print or save your enrollment form.

Once you’re done with your Pag-IBIG online registration, take note of your Registration Tracking Number (RTN) sent to you via SMS. The RTN can also be found on your MDF.

Self-employed members can already use the RTN when paying their Pag-IBIG contributions. However, employees who have enrolled in Pag-IBIG online must wait for around two to three working days for their permanent Pag-IBIG MID number. After verifying their Pag-IBIG number, employed members should submit it to their employer. Employers need their new hires’ Pag-IBIG MID number for new employee registration with the Pag-IBIG Fund.

Furthermore, Pag-IBIG members may register to Virtual Pag-IBIG to access more about Pag-IBIG’s services online.

Unfortunately, as of the writing, Philhealth’s Electronic Registration System is under maintenance. With that said, Philhealth suggests proceeding to the nearest Philhealth office for Philheath registration instead.

Did we miss out on other government IDs and services that are accessible online? Let us know in the comments!

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Grace R, Ongjoco
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I want sss id card

Grace R, Ongjoco
3 months ago

I want to sss id card

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