High-tech pots for plantitos and plantitas

High-tech pots for plantitos and plantitas

High-tech gardening gizmos modernize how we take care and communicate with our greeneries. As the demand for gardening tools and gadgets is growing more than ever, you might also be curious about high-tech pots and their features. Pots with innovative features perhaps intensify the connection between plants and a person who has a heart for them. So to discover more of the high-tech pots, let’s check them out.

Lua Smart Pot

The Lua Smart Pot sports a 2.4-inch IPS LCD screen with 320 x 240 resolution. Ever curious about what your plant is feeling? This smart pot displays 15 various emoji-like animations, showing off the plant’s health, whether thirsty, sick, vampire, squint, cold, hot, or others. Lua can be connected through an app for customization of its facial proportions and animations, as well as checking out the plant’s needs in terms of moisture, exposure, and temperature.

The planter comes with a sub-irrigation water reservoir. This means it doesn’t need frequent watering, and the plant gets all the water it needs. The pot also has four sensors for monitoring the plant, such as water level sensor, light sensor, motion sensor, and temperature sensor.

Okearin F1

Your plants might love music, too! Okearin F1 is a multifunctional smart pot sporting a creative and modern design. It functions as a Bluetooth speaker and a lamp. It is equipped with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 with a connection of up to 10 meters, and it features a soft night light and colorful breathing light.

Moreover, this smart pot also got a unique feature, in which a light touch on a plant will make a sound like pressing the keys of a piano. Lastly, powering the device is a 1,800mAh battery with a playing time of up to 12 hours.

The Okearin F1 is priced at USD 69.99 (shipping fee excluded), and it can be purchased online via Amazon.


The SproutsIO boasts an automated indoor growing system featuring a new approach to gardening. It utilizes machine learning technology and proprietary growing profiles to automatically optimize the seeds you choose and care for your plants. Further, software services enable you to engage in the growing process.


It supports the SproutsIOGrow mobile app that keeps you connected to your garden from anywhere through intuitive controls, real-time sensor reports, and camera feed. With this, you won’t need a green thumb, but just water and WiFi.

The SproutsIO Smart Garden is priced at USD 799, and you may check it out through its website.

HHCC Smart Plant Pot

The HHCC Smart Plant Pot supports Bluetooth 4.1, and it delivers information on soil moisture and fertility levels, as well as specific feedback on caring for your particular plant via the Flower Care app. The app has a database for maintenance methods and plant encyclopedias as a guide for plant care.

In addition, the pot is also a plant monitor, which detects the water content of the soil and can know precisely if the plant should be watered. Thus, it comes with an LED light indication allowing you to know your plants’ state in real-time.

The HHCC Smart Plant Pot is priced at USD 46.99 (shipping fee excluded), and it can be purchased via Amazon.

Click & Grow Smart Garden 3

Click & Grow’s Smart Garden 3 is an innovative indoor garden. This smart indoor garden works just like a capsule coffee machine, but for plants. However, instead of coffee pods, the brand offers biodegradable plant pods that have seeds and nutrients.

With the Smart Garden 3, you’ll get the benefits of automatic watering, pro-grow lights, a sufficient amount of nutrients and oxygen, as well as a companion app as a guide for planting.

The garden is available in four color options: White, Grey, Beige, and Illustrated (limited edition). It is priced at USD 99.95 (White, Grey, Beige) and USD 129.99 (Illustrated), respectively. You may order the Smart Garden 3 through the Click & Grow website.

There you have it, our dear plantitos and plantitas! Those are some of the high-tech pots you may check out. Which among these innovative pots do you think is the coolest? And, if we ever missed anything on our list, let us know in the comment section down below!

On the flip side, if you need more virtual guides for plant care, read: Apps to help you take care of your plants.

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