How to apply for the Airbnb Online Experiences

How to apply for the Airbnb Online Experiences

Airbnb just launched its new feature called Online Experiences to incorporate their “Experiences” virtually. This allows hosts or aspiring hosts to connect, travel, and earn income virtually with a wide array of activities.

As we stay in our homes during this COVID-19 pandemic, Airbnb’s Online Experiences is a great opportunity if you want to try something new, share your skills, and of course, earn money.

Airbnb hosts get free access to Zoom along with personalized support services for curating, live streaming, and sharing their Online Experience. So if you think you have the skills, creativity, and good internet connection, here’s how you can apply for your own Online Experience.

The first important thing you’ll need is an Airbnb account and a valid ID photo—preferably your active passport. If you don’t have an account yet, you can start creating your own here.

Once you already have an account and a planned idea on what online experience you want to start, you can move forward in applying as a host here. Remember, your offering should be something you and your guests can do virtually.

Put in what type of experience you will host, followed by your basic information covering your language and target audience.


Afterward, you can start writing your experience and main overview. As you go through this part, take your time to think about your answers thoroughly. Don’t hesitate to tell about your related achievements and notable credentials. Keep it short, concise, and try to put yourself in your guests’ shoes. Don’t forget to add your photos.

When you’re done with that, you may proceed to fix your settings covering your guest requirements, group size, duration, guest pricing, and booking availability.

Proceed to the last step and verify your account by uploading a valid ID (preferably your current passport), and be ready to take a live photo for verification.

And then you wait as Airbnb will review your application. Good luck!

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