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How to use tech to celebrate Valentine’s Day

There’s this special day for all lovebirds globally – Valentine’s Day. Although sending love must be an everyday habit, this day could be something extra-special. Some people are probably thinking of ways to celebrate the day with the ones they love. However, that could be a little challenging, especially now that everything’s still ain’t back to normal. The usual dates, such as going to the movie theater or having a romantic date somewhere, could be uncertain. Besides, there are people out there who are in long-distance relationships or who might be apart from their partners on the 14th. But it’s a great thing that technology has given couples lots of other ways to spend the day with a little blast.

Prepare for a virtual date

Love knows no distance, as the saying goes. Thanks to tech, an extra-special Valentine’s date, despite the distance, can be achieved through various platforms. LDR couples are indeed already used to using video calling platforms to communicate. However, to make this call different from the others, plan out an extra-ordinary virtual date as if you two are physically together. It could be just as romantic and intimate as it would be in person! Go on, prepare and dress up, and have a great virtual date night.

Order food from an online food delivery service

Perhaps one of the things you miss doing with the one you love is eating together. If you two are away from each other, you may mimic a nice meal out by ordering food at the same time! It may not be the same as dining out, but it is still a great option for couples spending Valentine’s Day apart. To guide you, you may check out these online food delivery apps and tips to remember!

Stream a movie together

Movie dates are most couples’ go-to date activity. Unfortunately, going to movie theaters still ain’t a good choice now, but with the available streaming services with a watch together feature, movie dates are still possible! Plus, this is also ideal for those who are not physically together. You may take the time to choose a movie or show that you want to watch together, hug your fave pillow, and use Netflix Party to stream together, in real-time, even if you two are miles away. You may also message each other as you’re watching as if you are just next to each other.

Dedicate a playlist to him/her

If both of you have a heart for music, then perhaps streaming music and creating a playlist of your favorite songs could be simple yet romantic, too. Spotify and Apple Music could also be your buddy! With these, you may also dedicate a playlist to your partner by choosing the songs that remind you of him/her! You may also include songs that are significant to the two of you or create a musical journey through your relationship with the songs you’ve enjoyed together. These music streaming apps also have an immense catalog of playlists, specifically curated for the special day. Just be sure to secure a subscription for uninterrupted listening.


Set a gaming date

One another great way of spending quality time with your partner is through gaming. Gaming could be fun as well, especially with the people you love. A game date can be both fun and intimate as it can bring you and your partner closer together. Grab your gaming consoles, whether that’s a Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, an Xbox, or even a PC or mobile, go on and game on. We’ll never know where would an intense gaming lead, but just make sure you won’t end up fighting due to the game, huh?

You may also check out these most romantic video games you may try!

Do TikTok videos together

TikTok is one of the latest and greatest apps to hit the social media scene now. This short video creation app with fun and creative tools has hit the internet by storm as people shared their dance challenges, lip-syncs, and such. This, too, could also be a platform for couples to bond together by making videos! There are also various video challenges for couples that they may try out.

Print your favorite photos together

Photos hold memories. Valentine’s day could also be your way to reminisce those memories you cherish. There’s also something special about having a physical copy of those favorite photos you took together. Fortunately, there are portable photo printers available in the market that lets you print photos you like on your own. Some of these also have editing features, in which you could add spice or add some special notes to the photos before printing them. With these, you may enjoy printing your treasured images, especially for a special day!

Send your gift

Sending gifts has been part of Valentine’s day. This is also an opportunity to offer a little something to your partner. Well, online shopping stores are always just there, available anytime, letting you grab that something that your someone would love! You may also have it delivered straight to their homes. However, indeed at this time, some of you have already got something for your loved ones. But, only in case, you haven’t got anything yet, here’s a Valentine’s Day tech gift guide (for her).

So, that’s all for now. Take note that these are only suggestions for you to enjoy Valentine’s Day still, even just staying at home. Happy Valentine’s day!

Now, how would you spend the day? Let us know in the comments below!

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