How to find out if your Huawei P10 has the slower storage

How to find out if your Huawei P10 has the slower storage

Earlier reports from China that users were getting eMMC 5.1 memory speeds on their Huawei P10 devices were confirmed by a Huawei executive. Huawei Business Group CEO Richard Yu admitted that they used a mix of eMMC and UFS memory chips inside the P10. This is mainly due to a shortage in supply of the faster UFS 2.0 chips.

UFS is the new type of storage being used in smartphones and they are significantly faster than the older and cheaper eMMC chips. eMMC storage typically only gets about 250MB/s sequential read speeds while UFS 2.0 can go from 500MB/s to 750MB/s. So if you’re transferring a ton of photos and 4K videos in your phone, this could be noticeable.


To find out if you’re one of the lucky owners of the P10 with the faster UFS 2.0 storage, just download and install AndroBench in the Google Play Store and run the benchmarks. You should get results just like the one below.

If you get scores north of 500MB/s second, then you’re in luck.

Our unit of the P10 got a score of 730MB/s. That’s fast!

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23 Responses

  1. bummer says:

    lucky yo abe!
    so huawei was hoping people will not notice it.

  2. trapik says:

    Talk about quality control and shortchanging your customers.

    Anyways, a flagship smartphone and Leica for a camera should be waterproof at least. A standard at this day and age.

    Huawei failed again.

  3. wewewew says:

    huwaw! simpleng panloloko nang huawei ah. haha! ayos talaga.

  4. Dannny says:

    Hi sirAbe, ung po ba sa Globe Plans Huawei P10 eMMC or UFS? ManyTnx

  5. RENEGADE says:

    P10 inang galawan yan oh. Why shortchange people buying a flagship phone?

  6. Xander says:

    How about the P10 Plus?

  7. xander says:

    How about the P10 Plus

  8. Jevin6 says:

    Got the p10 from globe. Got a 553 read. Why is it that you got 700?

  9. Kev says:

    Got mine last Saturday in Globe Store SM Aura. Read it for 608.

  10. Zee says:

    Are the Globe PH P10 unts the ones with oleophobic coating?

  11. Jan-A says:

    Mine got 784

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