How to link PayPal with GCash

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  1. Jaculcul says:

    Hi Yugatech. I didn’t watch the video yet coz i’m on my office computer. Question, once the funds from my paypal has reflected on my gcash acount, can i withdraw it using my gcash atm card?

  2. minute83 says:

    Just to add currently Eon from union-bank transfer from Paypal to Eon is also instant seconds you have your money! no need to wait 3days.

  3. CHewy says: is not part of globe. It’s a shady service and I wouldn’t trust the people that handle it.

  4. Ken Keitano says:

    How about gcash transfers to paypal? is it possible?

  5. mel says:

    hir sir, do you have blog regarding on account limitation on paypal? My account was limited and permanently banned with some high risk secuity DAW. Di ko po alam pano sya nalimit, kaka link ko lang po ng GCASH card ko sa paypal without any problem then after a week they emailed me stating that they limit my account, stating only security factors, I uploaded document from their requests but got rejected. I dont have drivers license and they asking for credit card statement which I think gcash are not issuing it? They stated that the money will be available in 180 days, before i can withdraw that, Is there any possible way to withdraw my money before 180 days, because my account is personal, and i dont have any pending complaints and refunds. Thanks sir!

  6. Hjan says:

    Hi. I’m having some issues about linking Paypal with GCash. The GCash app requires that Android Webview must be disable first for successful linking. However my phone doesn’t have anything of such. I was wondering if there’s some other ways to get around with this. It would really be a great help. Thanks.

  7. Elizabeth Smithwick says:

    Does my Paypal account need to be verified before I can cash into Gcash?

  8. Chacha says:

    hi sir, do u think i can still transfer my money from paypal to gcash even if i didnt link any card on my paypal?

  9. MCDough says:

    Can I link my brothers paypal account to my gcash account??

  10. virgilio lampa says:

    is that true that i cannot cash in my paypal funds to gcash , if my paypal account is set to business account? only personal account allowed? thank you

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