How to spot a fake Xiaomi Mi Powerbank

How to spot a fake Xiaomi Mi Powerbank

Xiaomi offers some of the most bang-for-the-buck devices, including powerbanks which often sell out in minutes. How can you tell if your Mi powerbank is fake or original? We run down the things you need to check to spot a fake Xiaomi powerbank.


Xiaomi did attract a lot of potential buyers for a powerbank priced at less than Php700 for a 10400mAh, often triggering ‘Sold Out’ signs minutes after every single flash sale at Lazada.

With huge demand and low supply, the volume of fake powerbanks made to look like Xiaomi’s has increased as well. Here are a few tips to tell if that Mi powerbank you just bought is counterfeit or not:

1. Where did you buy your Mi powerbank?


Before we begin spotting that little guy’s authenticity, let me ask you this: Where did you buy your Mi Powerbank? Keep in mind that while they may come cheap, original and authenticated Xiaomi products are only sold through one local distributor: Lazada.

Other than that, a few powerbanks sold in retail shop across malls and other online sellers are either parallel imports, or local outlets of which those powerbanks they hoarded during flash sales. (No wonder they’re selling out so fast!)

If it doesn’t fall under those places, there’s a huge likelihood that it’s fake. Those selling on sidewalks, flea markets, overpasses, malls or online(!) are 99% counterfeit ones, and they may charge you almost the same price as the genuine ones. We’ve seen a lot of them already while we scout various malls.

2. Don’t throw the packaging, please.


A first thing to note: Xiaomi powerbanks come in two styles of packaging: those that are directly put in a white cardboard box, and those that are packaged in a white envelope with a cylindrical plastic case, covered with yet another layer of paper. Both are considered genuine, and counterfeit merchants mostly replicate the latter.

If you ever receive a cylindrical case packaging, here’s how to check if it’s fake or not: The outer paper cover for genuine products are made from special material and are harder to tear apart, compared to fake ones where normal paper was used which makes tearing easy. Well, whatever type of packaging you receive, never throw them away. Here’s why.


Sure, everyone can copy Xiaomi’s straightforward, ready for gift-wrap, no-nonsense packages, but what made it stand out from the counterfeit is the sticker it has. That sticker isn’t mostly seen on fake ones, but when they do, it can be easily verified for its authenticity. You can visit Xiaomi’s verification website to check the genuine status of your product.

3. A genuine Xiaomi powerbank, in physical aspects.

The physical characteristics of a genuine Mi powerbank and those of the counterfeit ones significantly differ. Let’s break down the details:


Cord: The cord has a white color, and its male USB connector has a black interor. If your cord has an embossed Mi logo anywhere in it, it’s an early indication that it ain’t real.



Outside appearance: As of this writing, there’s only one color officially introduced in the country which is aluminum silver. The upper and lower ends have a rich rice white color compared to milky white colors of fraudulent ones.  The text at one end of the powerbank exudes a light and clear look, while counterfeits often have this part printed dark and somewhat blurry.


Lights: The LED Lighting are only appearing on the holes provided, whereas fakes directly light up the areas surrounding it. This is due to a kind of shading paper Xiaomi uses in its powerbank to transmit the lighting directly to the holes.


USB Port: Along with a Mi logo on its aluminum case, genuine powerbank has a Mi logo inside the female USB port (encircled), too. The USB port also offers a rice white color, compared to plain white on fake ones. Counterfeits often have this Mi logo on the cords, which is already an early indication. This is reportedly missing from newer batches of 16000mAh ones arriving soon, but they’re still genuine.

xiaomi-powerbank (2)

Battery: When you happen to disassemble the device, you’ll see that the batteries used are mainly sourced from LG, Samsung and other international brands. These are connected to the motherboard using nickel plates.

Fake ones, on the other hand, often use pink-colored counterfeit or Chinese-branded batteries and are connected to the motherboard using normal wires.

4. Charging features you never thought existed.

Despite the budget price tag, Xiaomi set a few tricks under its hood to let you know that you’re holding the real thing. Here’s a simple way to check: Charge your powerbank, then connect it to your phone. If both charge up, your powerbank is indeed genuine.

One feature phonies find very hard to replicate is Xiaomi’s Pass-Through Charging. The ability to charge your powerbank while you’re charging your phone thorough it is a feat seen in a few powerbanks, but definitely not on any fake ones.

Look Ma, no lights!

“Look Ma, no lights!”

It’s also worth noting that Xiaomi’s devices automatically charge your phone once it is connected, whereas nothing happens when you do the same with counterfeits. The LED lights up on genuine ones when the power button is pressed and held on while charging, and they light up again when you release your hold.

Counterfeits also have no short circuit boards, and they will appear as charging when you connect the powerbank to itself. When you try this with a Mi powerbank, nothing will happen.

5. Nope, no 20,800mAh model. Ever.


Last but not the least, please decline if anyone offers you to buy a 20,400mAh Mi powerbank. Xiaomi currently only offers the powerbank in three four different capacities: slim 5000mAh, 5200mAh, 10400mAh, and the 16000mAh, which is set to arrive this quarter. Those who are selling the 16000mAh one in the local market right now are, again, either imports from other countries or plainly fake ones.

And that’s it for our guide on what makes a Xiaomi powerbank authentic. Always keep a sharp eye on everything you buy, and be on the lookout for counterfeit ones as you may encounter them more than ever.


Get in touch with Carl at @lamielcarl on Twitter or visit his website for more updates!

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34 Responses

  1. Easy E says:

    “Magkano bili mo dyan at saan mo binili!”
    – “Lazada, 645.”
    “Napeke ka bro, 280 lang yan.”

  2. jenie says:

    great guide! This will be very useful. You kinda missed the fourth capacity though which is the 5000mAh slim PB.

  3. dzandueta says:

    Last month, I checked some stores in Greenhills’ Shoppesville section (and then the VMall / Virra Mall section). One Shoppesville store person told me their Mi 10400 mAh powerbank costs…get this…P400+. When I asked the person at the next store how much theirs is, the person said P600+.

    I didn’t buy from either one, of course. Goes to show that you really won’t know unless you ask and check.

  4. NotaSheep says:

    Isn’t it illegal to sell fakes? because almost every smartphone retail shop and stands in SM CEBU are selling these fake battery banks. (tested each of them with the “double Charging” method before this guide even existed)

    now there is a NEW power bank circulating, the Samsung 16000mah. i wanted to buy it but i never seen it sold in any Samsung physical and online store at all so i’m skeptical.

    • Digest says:

      Syempre illegal. Same thing w/ 1st class na mga imitation na shoes sa greenhills. Ganun din yan. Kaso bulag pipi at bingi gobyerno, as long na may under the table.

      At kahit bawalan mo, lilitaw din yan sa ibang lugar.

    • FiatLux says:

      Just my 2 cents:
      Look, we are not in Singapore were counterfeits were illegal. So does pirated media… as well as spitting in the floor, peeing in the elevator, and not flushing the toilet. Even bringing bubblegum to Singapore is illegal.

  5. Peejay says:

    Got one as a gift last December from a supplier. I check the cord after reading this. It’s white but so is the interior of the male connector.


  6. Faust says:

    I’ve been a victim of crappy Xiaomi Powerbank send earlier to me and I sold it for measly 300 Pesos.

  7. tantan says:

    very informative. Thanks!

  8. Hello! Good Day!

    Can you also write between an authentic and fake ROMOSS Power Bank? Thank you in Advance.

  9. abuzalzal says:

    there is no counterfeit the real counterfeit are those who sell Xiaomi Powerbank that overpriced the market thats why people opted to buy alternative one.ika nga ung kaya sa bulsa . I bought one ok nman kung gusto nila bbilhin ng karaniwang pnoy they should lower the price pra pasok sa pinoy budget.

    • Kai says:

      I suggest you Google the meaning of the word “Counterfeit” before you spout rubbish

    • jenie says:

      what? A 10400mAh is sold for P645 and you still think that’s expensive? No power bank even comes close to the quality:price ratio of a Xiaomi Power bank. And you still want them to lower their price just to justify the merit of selling and buying counterfeit PBs? Come on?! (BTW, i also encourage you to again the meaning of COUNTERFEIT because i think you don’t understand what your saying)

  10. Justin says:

    P645 na nga lang i-jajapeks pa! *face palm*

  11. just asking says:

    Hi may I ask if Cherry Mobile’s 10400mah Pyxis is legit or not? I bought one at CM SM San Lazaro for 999php. It looks the same as Mi’s.

    • I can consider it legit, because it’s a white-label product. Many powerbanks have white labels.

    • just asking says:

      Ok, I tried connecting to itself but nothing happens. When I connect it to my phone it automatically charges the phone, but as I connect the wall charger to it, it disconnects the phone and charges itself. Thus it does not support this Pass-through Charging capability of Mi’s. Anyway it can fullcharge my phone’s 1,900mah batt. 4-5 times.

  12. Tony says:

    I remember when I bought mine. And I will never trust that seller again.!

  13. Name: FanDROID says:


  14. aBuzalzal says:

    Ito may tanga lang nag reply google ko daw ang counterfeit hoy tanga ang counterfeit gaya gaya in short peke .nasa sau un kung gusto mo bumili o indi, ako bumili ako ng isa ok naman.dapat magbenta sila ng angkop sa bulsa ng pinoy at di sobra ang presyo para kayang bilhin ng noypi.ayan tagalog na huwag kang epal bopol.

    • PIECE OF CAKE says:

      ay tanga mo naman talaga eh no? try mo intindihin meaning ng counterfeit. eto tagalog din, kung walang mi na nakasulat sa body ng pb or bakas na pinipilit nilang gayanhin ang genuine, pwede sabihing di yun counterfeit. eh kaso ginagaya nga eh. at saka pinoy din kami pero kaya namin bumili ng genuine. At tama ka na It’s a matter of choice and freedom if you want to buy a genuine or the counterfeit. Pero abuse naman kung gusto mo ng branded na cheap na cheap (kulang na lang libre na?)

  15. aBuzalzal says:

    Ito may tanga lang nag reply google ko daw ang counterfeit hoy tanga ang counterfeit gaya gaya in short peke . ito tatagalogin ko para sa english major in pornsite walang totoong gaya gaya ang totoong gaya gaya ay ung nagbebenta ng mataas na halaga, nasa sau un kung gusto mo bumili o indi, ako bumili ako ng isa ok naman.dapat magbenta sila ng angkop sa bulsa ng pinoy at di sobra ang presyo para kayang bilhin ng noypi.ayan tagalog na huwag kang bobo

  16. 1cho says:

    Guys FYI lang may nakita akong retailer na nagtitinda ng Xiaomi Powerbanks sa Robinsons Forum
    Mukhang Parallel Importer ‘to or fake pero
    Sobrang taas ng patong nila:
    10400mAh – Php 1695++
    16000mAh – Php 2000++
    *Lazada is the ONLY local distributor

  17. Shakeys1 says:

    great guide. I’m sure the sellers of a fake Mi also has access to this. It will also push counterfeiters to right their doing by making the fakes ones more real with this guide.

  18. mon says:

    Fake xiaomi 10400mah can now pass the pass-through charging..The one which you will short circuit the cable, before, the led blinks as if charging itself, now nothing happens just like the authentic one

  19. SavocSmyh says:

    I’m from Malaysia. I just got one MI powerbank from a friend. Tested the Xiaomi’s Pass-Through Charging. FAILED. No security label on the transparent casing. Do be careful when buying powerbanks online and stores.

  20. zorook says:

    16000mAh – $30
    10400mAh – $24
    5000mAh – $14

    …and more xiaomi gadgets and accessories

  21. maya says:

    Bumili ako 28400 mah for 500 pesos. Yung design nya original. Rice color din yung usb port nya. Peke ba sya? Baka from other country lng.?

  22. goodha says:

    mas matindi sa farmers cubao. 36000 mAH xioami powerbank from korea at php 500.00. same price also sa xioami 10400 mAH. take note. 36000 mAH. havent checked the color of the male connector.

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