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How to Use Your Android and iOS Smartphone as Webcam

The way we value web cameras today has drastically changed due to the situation we are going through. Right now we suddenly find its importance, be it for video call meetings, online classes, and even e-numan? But let’s face it, most webcam quality today are low, nonetheless, thankfully you can use your smartphone’s camera app as your webcam, and to do this, you’ll need an additional app to make it happen. Don’t worry, setting it up is easy.

Follow the steps below to install and configure the correct software, and then launch your phone as a webcam in chat software like Zoom.

First step is to install your preferred webcam app on your computer. In this example, we’re using iriun.com. Run the installation file, allow to make changes in your device, accept the agreement terms by selecting “I Agree”, and select “Next” then Install to complete the installation.

Step two is to now download the Iriun app on your Android/iOS smartphone.

Download: iOS / Android

Third, once the installation is done, open the app on your phone and it will automatically connect to your PC. Just make sure your PC and smartphone are both connected to the same WiFi.


The next step is to open your preferred software, like Zoom. Then go to Settings, and select “Video”. Under the camera option, you will see the Iriun Webcam then select it and that’s it!

So regardless of what app you’re going to use this will definitely work. We chose the Iriun app as it is easier to use, simpler, and straightforward. There are a lot of Webcam apps available in Play Store or App Store and here are some apps that you might also want to try.

Note: The steps are generally the same regardless of the software you choose, although the software’s menus will be different.

IP Webcam

Download: Android


Download: Android


Download: iOS / Android

So that’s it! Hopefully, this guide will help you up your online meetings game. Share your thoughts in the comments, as well as some tips you can share on how you use your smartphone for productivity.



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  1. Hipolito Lorenzo says:

    It will have some latency issues because of the WiFi connection. Can a USB connection with your cellphone possible?

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