How to view and pay your Maynilad bill online

How to view and pay your Maynilad bill online

The enhanced community quarantine has suspended a lot of services, including the issuing of paper bills for utilities. As a response, Maynilad has put up a portal that allows users to check and pay for their balance online!

To register to Maynilad’s online portal, ready a previous billing statement, your email address, and mobile number. Then proceed to follow these steps:

First, go to this link, click on “Enroll Now,” and accept the terms and agreements on the next page.

Enter your Contract Account Number seen on the previous billing statement on the space provided, and click Next.

From here, create a unique password with a lower case letter, upper case letter, number, and a special character. Then, input the name of the account holder, as seen on the previous billing statement.

You will then need to fill out four security questions. Do not forget your answers to this as it’d be required to log in using new devices.

After this, you will have to select a personal image to be used for added security. There are 36 choices available, spread between animals, nature, objects, and people. Select any from the list.

Lastly, you will have to provide your mobile phone number and email address for 2-factor verification.


After completing the steps, you should now be able to log in and view your account overview. Here you can check your account information, bill and payment history, billing summary, and meter readings. There are also several insightful charts, such as your past three months’ billing and average consumption.

On the upper right hand of the dashboard, there’s a drop-down menu that shows accredited banks that accept bills payment. However, you would need to enroll your bank to use this feature.

If you don’t have a bank or refuse to link your bank with Maynilad, you may also choose to pay for your Maynilad bill through e-wallets. E-wallets accepted include GCash, Smart Money, Paymaya, and Coins.

Since these platforms’ UI is pretty similar, the instructions are identical as well. While you could use your favorite one, we recommend having at least two of these just in case the service is unavailable. This way, you can avoid late fees, or worse, cut from their service.

To pay using the e-wallets mentioned above, look for the “Pay Bills” option on the main menu. From there, search for Maynilad from the list.

Simply navigate to the Pay Bills menu, look for Maynilad, enter your Contract Account Number and the estimated water bill, and hit pay.

While Maynilad has given its customers a 30-day extension on bill payments, they will still charge you for the water you consume during the enhanced community quarantine. Also, note that Maynilad has suspended meter readings during the enhanced community quarantine. As a result, the issuing of your March bill (depending on your billing period) may be delayed until further notice.

And there you have it! If you wish to pay for your Meralco bill online as well, check out the link here. Alternatively, you could look at this list to pay for other bills online.

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