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Looking to Rent a House/Condo/Apartment: Best Places to Search Online

Moving out or looking for somewhere to stay? Finding a new home isn’t exactly a walk in the park. One would need all the information they can get to ensure that they end up acquiring their ideal home. In this article, we listed down several websites that could help you find your next place to live in. Most local sites don’t mention exactly how many listings they have, and so, we only noted down the ones with the most configurable search filters. Check them out.


Included in Property 24’s website are various search options such as location, price range, property type, number of bedrooms, and number of bathrooms. They have listings all over the Philippines as well, and you can set up alerts so you can be notified of the latest listings that you might be interested in. They have also partnered with the next site on this list (Carousell) to broaden your choices even more. If you’re always on the go, they have a mobile app available on Android and iOS.


While not exclusively a real estate website, people have been listing properties on Carousell for quite some time now. With their recent partnership with Property 24, they’ve expanded their property category even more. They have the most search options available for narrowing down your choices with location, price range, property type, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, size, terms, furnishing, and parking. They also have a mobile app available on both Android and iOS so you can search on the go.


If you’re picky on the type of property you want, then Dot Property is a site you should be looking into. You can narrow your search down with filters such as location, price range, property type, number of bedrooms, size, and furnishing. Sellers are also Verified for added buyer/renter protection. They have Google Maps integrated into their website, so you know exactly where to go if you wanted to check the place out for yourself. Additionally, you can request for a quote on relocating from your current location to your prospective new one.


Lamudi is another popular site that you can search for a property’s location and price range. You can also search property type, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, size, amenities. It also has a mobile app available for both Android and iOS. Within their website, you can also find Journals, Loan Calculator, Property Guides, Real Estate Trends, City Guide Insider, and Price Trends. These excellent sources of information make Lamudi a very compelling site to go and learn from, so you know what you should be looking for. They also have Google Maps integration and customized e-mail alerts.


RentPad is more of a community-based site where prospective tenants can list their properties for free. RentPad focuses on tenants’ length of stay, whether it be short term for a business trip or long term for living. Unlike the others with a wide reach, RentPad’s operations only cover Metro Manila, Davao, and Cebu. Search filters are also limited to location, price range, property type, number of bedrooms, terms, and furnishing.


MyProperty also offers multiple filters so you can find the best fit for you. These include location, price range, property type, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, size, and amenities. They also have a journal page, loan calculator, and Here Maps integrated into the site. What’s unique is that they show you a price index based on historical data based on their website. Although the data is based on March 2019, it’s still an excellent tool for you to negotiate with.

All of the sites listed have partnered up with land developers and real estate agents, although there are several independent sellers and tenants, as well. While not all search filters are available on every platform, most information is printed on each listing; therefore, users need to read them thoroughly. We hope that this article was able to help you out. Renting a place is a mid to long term commitment, so you need to be sure you get the one that suits you best.

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  1. Great article! Lamudi and Property 24 are my top favorites. I was able to close several deals posting on these 2 platforms. Subscription rates are a bit steep. It’s much cheaper getting your own website but challenging to have it ranked.

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