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Useful apps for College Students

The new school year is upon us once more! Studying is difficult, that’s for sure, but thanks to technology, it has helped lift some of that workload with just a tap away. Here are some apps to aid students as they begin their adventures in school. Check them out!

Stay Focused

Stay Focused is described as a “self-control, productivity, and app usage tracker” that helps its users be free from distractions by blocking apps or the overall phone. The blocking depends on the user’s daily/hourly usage limit, the number of app launches during specified time intervals, and even on the number of phone screen unlocks. This app may be able to help students in taking their mind off their smartphones so that they can study freely.

Download: Android


Flipd is the counterpart of Stay Focused on iOS devices. Similar to Stay Focused, Flipd also helps its user be free from distraction by locking away apps for a set time. Users can schedule reminders as well to unplug themselves from their smartphone. The app also features music tracks for focus and relaxation.

Download: iOS


A time-management method called the Pomodoro Technique breaks down work into intervals, usually 25 minutes, separated by short 5-minute or 10-minute breaks. Focus-To-Do is an Android App that combines a Pomodoro Timer and a to-do-list in one. Users can organize tasks into lists, start the time to work, set reminders, and check their total time spent on working.

Download: Android

Be Focused

A Pomodoro/time-management app on iOs, Be Focused also helps individuals to break down work into intervals, separated by short breaks. Users can also manage tasks, track and manage goals, and customize the intervals and breaks to their liking.

Download: iOS


If you’re a fan of flashcards, AnkiDroid is the app for you. AnkiDroid helps users retain information by letting them create their deck of flashcards. It features spaced repetition, text-to-speech integration, a progress widget, and more. Decks made by other users can also be downloaded to use.

Download: Android

Study Blue

AnkiDroid doesn’t exist on iOS, so here’s a counterpart app instead called Study Blue. Similar to AnkiDroid, Study Blue users can create flashcards to study, share with others, and quiz themselves with. Other flashcard decks can also be copied and edited to suit the user’s preference.

Download: iOS

Microsoft Office Lens

Office Lens can take pictures of documents, whiteboards, blackboards, and the like, and make them readable. The printed and handwritten text will also be automatically recognized by Office Lens, allowing users to search the images for words to copy from and edit.

Download: iOS

Google Lens

Google Lens is similar to Office Lens, but Google Lens can also search up for information about landmarks, identify plants and animals, and find related items just by an image search. Google Lens can also copy and paste text from documents and the like.

Download: Android

myHomework Student Planner

Other calendar and planner apps exist, but myHomework Student Planner is precisely as its name implies — it’s a calendar and planner made for students, with the app working even without an internet connection. The app tracks your class schedule, homework, test, and the like. It also displays schedules based on time, block, or periods.

Download: Android / iOS


Coffitivity is an app made based on a peer-reviewed study from the University of Chicago that states, “A moderate level of ambient noise is conducive to creative cognition.” Put, a lot of people work or study in coffee shops as it helps individuals boost creativity and allow them to work better. Coffitivity recreates the ambient sounds of a cafe if you can’t find yourself to sit in one.

Download: iOS


Waking up is always one of the most challenging things in a student’s daily life. Alarmy is a solution to that problem, with the app designed to force people out of their beds. Alarmy features a “photo mode,” where the alarm will only go off if a user takes a photo of an area in their home. It also features other modes such as “shake mode,” “math problem mode,” and “memorize game mode.”

Download: Android / iOS

Which app caught your interest? Let us know in the comments!

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