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YouTube Channels to follow for outdoor ASMR sounds


No matter how noisy and annoying Manila traffic can get, we’re pretty sure that everyone misses the outdoors. Social distancing measures forced everyone to stay at home to prevent further infection of the coronavirus. Thanks to technology, we can still be in the outdoors virtually through YouTube videos. If you’ve been missing the sound of the train, the waves of the beach, and other outdoor ASMR sounds, then you might want to read on and follow these YouTube channels online. Just a friendly reminder: use your headphones for a better experience.

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Nomadic Ambience

Nomadic Ambience • Youtube Channels To Follow For Outdoor Asmr Sounds

With over 390,000 subscribers, this YouTube channel gives you high-quality 4K virtual walk tours. It is matched with binaural ambient sounds which give an immersive experience to the audience. Whether in summer or rainy season, most of its video catalog features the busy streets in the US and a handful of Asian countries.

Wanna Walk

Wanna Walk • Youtube Channels To Follow For Outdoor Asmr Sounds

If you’re missing getting your skin tanned and the beach, of course, then Wanna Walk is the channel to visit. It has a special playlist for beach walks in Rio de Janeiro and Argentina. Apart from the strong beach waves that you can hear on the background, captions are embedded in the video which discusses fun facts about the beach. You may also virtually walk in the streets of Argentina, go to New York Times Square, and visit New York’s Grand Central Station.

Chill & Explore

Chill • Youtube Channels To Follow For Outdoor Asmr Sounds

The newbie among the list, Chill & Explore focuses more on travel ASMRs from cooking Taiwanese street foods, riding bus trips, doing cycling tours, exploring night markets, and walking in the rain.

Wanderlust Travel Videos

Walk Travel • Youtube Channels To Follow For Outdoor Asmr Sounds

Realme Philippines

Another channel to follow for beach babes and wanderlusters, the one-stop travel channel highlights urban environments, nature parks, beach areas, infrastructures, and other attractions in first-person perspective. We even found a full playlist featuring some of the Philippines’ tourist attractions which you can find in this link.

Wind Walk Travel VideosWind Walk Travel • Youtube Channels To Follow For Outdoor Asmr Sounds

Purely dedicated for walking and driving tours, Wind Walk Travel Videos records footages in ultra-high definition. Among its famous uploads are tours in Disneyland Park in California, Hollywood Boulevard, and Lower Manhattan.


Actionkid • Youtube Channels To Follow For Outdoor Asmr Sounds
Commuters would definitely love ActionKid’s content. Apart from plain and narrated walking tours, there are also road videos, as well as train and subway rides compiled and uploaded on its channel which shows the everyday life of Americans and Taiwanese citizens.

Nippon Wandering TVNippon Wandering Tv • Youtube Channels To Follow For Outdoor Asmr Sounds

Just by looking on its name, you can already conclude the subject on this channel. It presents various streets, temples and shrines, districts, and landscapes in Japan including the iconic Cherry Blossom trees in full bloom. Currently, the YouTube channel has over 77,500 subscribers.

4K Relaxation Channel 4K Relaxation Video • Youtube Channels To Follow For Outdoor Asmr Sounds

Apart from uploading scenic 4K videos of nature walks and hiking in different wildlife parks, this channel with 498,000 subscribers has a playlist of scenic driving, sunsets and sunrise, and camping. It also uploads videos in three resolutions: 4K, 5K, and 8K.

Seoul Walker

Seoul Walker 1 • Youtube Channels To Follow For Outdoor Asmr Sounds

Showcasing South Korea’s capital city in separate seasons, Seoul Walker explores the streets usually in morning, afternoon, and night.  It also shows South Korea’s must-visit tourist attractions including Busan, Naksan Temple, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Myeongdong Market, and Hanok Village. It also visited the film location of the Academy Awards-winning South Korean film Parasite.

And there you have it. We hope that we provided enough YouTube channels to temporarily lift your moods up. Stay home, wash your hands, and go outside only when you need to do a supply run. Did we miss anything else? Let us know in the comments below!

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