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HP Ink Tank Advantage: The Evolution of the Home Printer to the Super Printer

Hp Ink Tank 2 • Hp Ink Tank Advantage: The Evolution Of The Home Printer To The Super Printer

Even in today’s digital world, printed documents are still the preferred medium for anything that entails seriousness. However, just because the medium hasn’t changed, that doesn’t mean that the printing technology should stay stagnant.

HP was the first to release a consumer desktop laser printer back in 1984, the LaserJet. The LaserJet could print up to 8 pages per minute, with an ink cartridge that could print 3,000 pages with virtually no noise. This, then new, device paved the way for the creation of the printer industry we have today.

Hp Ink Tank 1 • Hp Ink Tank Advantage: The Evolution Of The Home Printer To The Super Printer

Over the years, HP has been striving to give its users a better printing experience, whether it be from faster print speeds, higher print resolutions, or other functionalities such as wireless printing. HP has gone a long way from its first simple printer to its current offerings: The Super Printers. Today we’ll be looking at the HP Ink Advantage 3775, and how far it has gone from the simple printers, we then had.

Lower Price

Back when home printers were new, they cost a lot. HP’s first-ever LaserJet cost $3,500 or over PHP 178,000 in today’s rates. Now that the technology has matured and the competition is high, HP’s latest Deskjet Ink Advantage 3775 has come down in price significantly, only costing PHP 4,390.

Higher PPM

When printers were first made, they printed slowly and loudly. While there aren’t much printer manufacturers can do about the noise due to the nature of mechanical parts, it has come up in speed significantly, and able to print up to 19 pages of fast draft black and white documents per minute, and up to 5.5 pages of colored documents per minute.

Higher print quality

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People’s needs have drastically changed over the years as well. Different fonts are used to convey different tones and moods, graphics, and other means to convey information are used more frequently, and colors are used more commonly as well.

Hp Ink Tank 2 • Hp Ink Tank Advantage: The Evolution Of The Home Printer To The Super Printer

To adjust to the needs of its customers, HP has improved its print quality significantly over the years. From being able to print “vertically and horizontally, and a various number of fonts,” the new HP Ink Advantage 3775 can now print black documents up to 1200 x 1200 dots per inch and colored documents up to 1200 x 4800 dpi.

Wireless Functionality

With the rising popularity of laptops, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones, having a dedicated computer to print on are becoming less and less viable. Today, printers have gone from requiring a physical wired connection to being able to print wirelessly over the internet.

Scan and Copy Quality

Making sure to make use of every inch of space efficiently is essential to both homes and businesses. Early iterations of home printers were big, bulky, and heavy while only being able to print documents. Shrinking the size of components and stacking extra functionality to already existing devices has been a great approach that manufacturers have done to save on real estate.

Aside from MFPs (Multi-Function Printers), the Deskjet Ink Advantage 3775 also has scanning and copying functions available. The scroll scan capability can scan documents up to 600dpi in a variety of file formats to suit the user’s needs.

Hp Ink Tank 3 • Hp Ink Tank Advantage: The Evolution Of The Home Printer To The Super Printer

Printers have come a long way from Guttenberg’s first printing press to HP’s first laser desktop printer, to today’s Deskjet Ink Advantage 3775. As we move forward, there’s no doubt there will be more improvements to come. What other functions would you like to see in the printers tomorrow?