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GOMO MNP: Requirements, Eligibility, and How to Apply

Globe, Smart, and DITO have already rolled out their Mobile Number Portability (MNP) services. GOMO, a provider operating under the Globe network, was delayed until today, October 12. Now that its MNP services are up, here’s how to check your eligibility, requirements, and how to apply.

GOMO MNP Requirement

The requirement that you need to start your number porting to GOMO is the Unique Subscriber Code (USC). It is a 9-digit code issued by your current provider if you are eligible to switch to GOMO. The USC is valid for 15 days from the date of issuance. To get your USC, you’ll need to contact your current network provider.

You also have to make sure that you meet the following criteria:

• Have an active mobile number
• Your mobile number shouldn’t be part of a bundled service or product
• There must be no pending request for the transfer of ownership of your mobile subscription
• Your mobile number must not have other accounts under your subscription
• No switching request in the last 60 days
• No fraudulent activity
• No remaining balances from your previous postpaid bill or financial obligations
• Your mobile number must not be linked to a device that is still locked with your current service provider. To learn more about unlocking of device, kindly reach out to your existing service provider.
• Your mobile number must not be under any NTC, court, or law prohibition.

Any clarification on the above criteria should be checked with your current service provider.

Are there any fees?

Switching is free of charge, but you will need to purchase a GOMO Easy Switch SIM when you switch to GOMO.

Checking for Eligibility for GOMO MNP

Once you have your USC, you can now start checking for your eligibility. You can go to GOMO’s webpage here then click on the ‘Keep My Existing Number’ tab.

You will see a box where you can enter your existing mobile number. After entering, you will then receive an OTP to confirm, just enter that as well.



You will then be required to input your USC, so you can proceed with filling out the application form. Make sure to complete all details when you submit.

You can track your switching application by either providing your Mobile Number and last name, or Application Reference Number.

You may check the status of your request at https://gomoapp.page.link/mnp-check-application-status.

Switching to GOMO

Within 24-48 hours from submitting your application, GOMO will let you know if you are eligible to switch your number to GOMO. Once GOMO has confirmed you are eligible to switch your number, you can now purchase your own GOMO Easy Switch SIM through this link. The SIM comes with 30GB No Expiry Data after registering.

GOMO will also send an email that contains the switching code. Make sure to keep that as you will need it when you receive your new SIM.

To activate your GOMO Easy Switch SIM, just enter your porting code after inserting your new GOMO SIM into your device. Make sure to register your account on the GOMO app to receive your data pack.

Upon receiving the text confirming the successful switch to GOMO, you will be advised to restart your phone.

Take note that all your existing services from your previous provider will be forfeited after switching, except for GCash services.

And there you have it. We hope that this helped you in making the switch to GOMO via MNP. Are you going to make a switch? Let us know in the comments below.

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7 Responses

  1. Krist says:

    How long does it usually take to receive the confirmation SMS? (After entering porting code)

    Been waiting for around 36 hours now but still didn’t get any SMS from them.

  2. Jake says:

    how many days switching code or porting code will expire?

  3. Arvin says:

    I’ve just sent a porting request to GOMO after getting the USC from Globe. I think within the estimated 24-48 hours verification window, I checked the status of my request and it says I’m ineligible to switch my number. Kind of weird though as I thought having the USC means you are already cleared and good to port your number. Anyway, I reached out to GOMO support and they’re currently checking on it. Hopefully, the porting issue will be resolved within the 15-day validity period of my USC.

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