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Philippines 5G average download speed at 141.7 Mbps

Opensignal recently released their June 2021 report detailing the 5G speeds in the Asia Pacific.

According to Opensignal, the Philippines has an average download speed of 141.7 Mbps, just below Singapore with 143.5 Mbps, but above Hong Kong at 134.8 Mbps. The fastest 5G download speed in the region goes to South Korea with 380.5 Mbps.

When it comes to 5G Peak Download Speed of 426.2 Mbps, just below Singapore at 579.1 Mbps, but above Thailand at 414.9 Mbps. The fastest peak download goes to Taiwan with 847.3 Mbps.

As for 5G Upload Speeds, the Philippines is one of the slowest at 12.1 Mbps, below Japan which got 12.5 Mbps. Taiwan has the fastest upload at 51.8 Mbps.

When it comes to 5G experiences like when using apps for video streaming, gaming, and chatting, the countries received the following scores:


The Philippines got a score of 79.3 in 5G video experience which Opensignal considers as Excellent, 68.1 in games which is Fair, and 79.7 in voice apps which is Acceptable. Taiwan and South Korea still lead in 5G experiences. You can learn more about the Opensignal experience metrics here.

While the Philippines is not getting the fastest 5G speeds in the region, it is one of the countries that experienced a massive improvement in speeds at 10.4 times compared to the older 4G network. Taiwan also shared the same improvement rate. When it comes to video experience, the 5G resulted in a 29% improvement over 4G.

When it comes to availability, the Philippines spend 10% of their time in 5G with a reach score of 3.0. At the top of the list is Hong Kong at 27% with a reach score of 6.2.

Author’s note: A previous version of the article expressed the 5G experience in speed (Mbps) when in fact it is a score that corresponds to Opensignal’s metrics. We have corrected that portion and we apologize for the error.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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    The experience is a “score”, not a speed.

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