Apple introduces Oceanic+ app for divers with the Apple Watch Ultra

Apple has just announced the release of the Oceanic+ app on the Apple Watch Ultra which aims to turn it into an easy-to-use dive computer.

The app is designed by Huish Outdoors in collaboration with Apple to enable recreational scuba divers with the Apple Watch Ultra to reach depths of up to 40 meters or 130 feet with the all-new depth gauge and water temperature sensors.

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The app is said to provide all of the key features like an advanced dive computer, a robust dive planner, and a comprehensive post-dive experience.

In the Oceanic+ app on Apple Watch Ultra, the primary screen can indicate a diver’s current depth, no-decompression time, water temperature, and more.

It also helps to provide safety warnings, including no-decompression limit, excessive ascent rates, and safety stop guidance.

Oceanic Apple Watch

The integrated dive planner helps users set their surface time, depth, and gas. The Oceanic+ app also allows divers to calculate their No Deco (no-decompression) time.

The app also takes into account and integrates dive conditions such as tides, water temperature, and up-to-date information like visibility and currents.

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Post-dive, users can see data such as GPS entry and exit locations along with a summary of their dive profile like graphs of depth, temperature ascent rate, and no-decompression limit.

Haptic feedback is also integrated to let users get notifications underwater with a series of vibrations even through a wetsuit 7mm thick.

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The Oceanic+ App is available today on Apple’s App Store

It requires an Apple Watch Ultra running on watchOS 9.1 and an iPhone SE (2nd Gen) or an iPhone 8 or later running on iOS 16.1.

The app itself and its basic plan are free and include common dive functions, depth and time, as well as logging the most recent dives.

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To have access to advanced features such as decompression tracking, tissue loading, the location planner, and an unlimited logbook capacity.

Users can fully unlock the Oceanic+ App for PHP 49/day, PHP 509/month, or PHP 4,190/year.

There’s also a family-sharing license available for PHP 6,490/year that allows access for up to five people.

To learn more about the Oceanic+ App and its features, visit Apple Newsroom.

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