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Instagram now allows users to purchase products directly in chat

Meta is now making it possible to directly make purchases from small businesses in Instagram chats with its new “Payments in Chat” feature.

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The new Payments in Chat feature is available when making purchases from “qualified small businesses”, according to Meta.

This will allow users to message the business and chat about any customizations, place the order, send payments, and even track their order all within the same chat thread. To complete purchases, users will be able to use Meta Pay when checking out.

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For small businesses, this enables them to directly coordinate purchases with their customers, answer questions, confirm purchase details, create a payment request with item description and price, and collect payments all within the customer specific chat thread.

Be that as it may, the new Payments in Chat feature is only available in the US as of the moment with no news thus far of it being made available elsewhere.

Hopefully, it makes its way to other regions and here in the Philippines. If you own a small business, how helpful would the new Payments in Chat feature be for you? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

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