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Twitter introduces new feature to let users ‘Unmention’ themselves on Tweets

Twitter just introduced a neat option to “Unmention” yourself on tweets, threads, and conversations that you wish to be excluded from.


This enables users to take control of what they want to be engaged with by having the ability to leave a conversation, untag their username, stop future mentions on the thread, and block notifications on that specific conversation.


To Unmention yourself on any Tweet, click on the three-dot menu next to a tweet to show its options. Next, you’ll want to click “Leave this conversation”. This will show a pop-up where you’ll have to select “Leave this conversation” again to confirm.

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Once completed, your account will no longer be tagged on the Tweet but your username would still appear on it as black text with no account linked to it.

The new Unmention feature on Twitter is slowly rolling out starting today and will be available to everyone on all devices.

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