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WhatsApp to end support for old iOS versions, iPhone models


As part of the natural cycle of improving apps and depreciating devices, WhatsApp is planning to drop support for old iOS devices.

Whatsapp • Whatsapp To End Support For Old Ios Versions, Iphone Models

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This may be alarming to others but this is actually normal or natural. The devices which will be dropped out are devices with iOS 10, iOS 11, iPhone 5, and iPhone 5C in the coming months. It is understood that companies keep on improving and securing their software or apps it must keep themselves updated, that’s software and apps eventually get incompatible with old devices and operating systems.

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Based on the WhatsApp tracker, WhatsApp will drop the support for the iPhones mentioned above for around five months from, or beginning this October 24, 2022. Once this started, iPhones with iOS 11 and below will experience difficulties in using the app, unlike those devices using iOS 12 and above which can enjoy the full features of the app.

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