Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G LTE officially announced

Xiaomi has officially announced the Redmi Note 4G LTE, the LTE counterpart of the octa-core powered Redmi Note, now packing Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 400 quad-core CPU and running Android 4.4 KitKat.

redmi note_1

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G LTE specs:
5.5-inch HD IPS display, 267ppi
1.6GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 MSM8928 quad-core CPU
Adreno 305 GPU
8GB internal storage
up to 64GB via microSD
13 megapixel rear camera w/ LED flash
5 megapixel front camera
WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth 4.0 LE
MIUI V5.0 (Android 4.4 KitKat)
3,100mAh battery
154 x 78.7 x 9.5mm

redmi note_3

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G LTE has a price tag of 999 Yuan or around Php7,000 and will be on sale in China starting August 12, 2014.

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43 Responses

  1. Avatar for zhen4005 zhen4005 says:

    May issue lng ang android kung di ka marunong, lahat nagagawan ng paraan in the android world.

    You can get the same features for less, and you wont pay double just for the brand.

    Pag nanakaw iyak pa.

    Well, Apple fandom is very wide spread and we can call them I-diots

  2. Avatar for ricer ricer says:

    Bulok Xiaomi, samsung and lahat ng may android OS. Iphone pa rin ang The Best Phone in the world and alam niyo yun mga hampas lupa hahaha

    • Avatar for zhen4005 zhen4005 says:

      Bawal fanboy d2..

      Iphone is for Noobs… mga social climber nga naman eh…

    • Avatar for Yeahman Yeahman says:

      Yup I agree iphones are the best and one of the top graded phones in the world. Yan android dami issue tapos nag hahabol pa kayo sa mga cheap na china phones. Not worth it for me

  3. Avatar for zhizoicz zhizoicz says:

    China? Spying? meron bang bago, masyado fixated ang issue sa China pero ang NSA (National Security Agency) ng US eh nag sspy na ng matagal sa BUONG PLANETA

  4. Avatar for Josh Josh says:

    How about the icloud? google drive? so U.S government is also collecting data. it is yours if you are signing in to miCloud. so dont sign in and no data will be collected.

  5. Avatar for jdGONEMAD jdGONEMAD says:

    it’s now august 14. any update on this? kelan to magiging available dito sa PH? sana nga Php 7k lang to.

  6. Avatar for henny henny says:

    pagdating s ram, battery at internal storage…THE BEST ANG XIAOMI…hindi cla nagtitipid…but sad to it is still only available in selected stores and places…kc smin dito s BATANGAS wla pa

  7. Avatar for joanna joanna says:

    7000 php really?!!!

  8. Avatar for kuratong kuratong says:

    This is already available in lazada

  9. Avatar for William_C William_C says:

    I think this privacy issue is overblown, every other app you install will know your cell number and some like Facebook, and most Launchers get every allowable permissions. Yes, they need it for notifications etc. but it could be used for other purposes if they like.

    Most locally branded phones sources from multiple OEMs so you can’t be sure some aren’t installing Spyware either.

    Hugo Barra had repeatedly responded to the issues. I think part of the problem is that Miui is made for China first and Internationally second. So many of the notifications, messages, themes are in Chinese. Like Cloud servers for sms, images, if you don’t understand that you had given them permission (since it is in Chinese), then you would think you are being spied on.

    In the end, if you don’t trust the phone manufacturer, don’t buy it. If you have evidence that it is Spyware and break laws, report them to authorities. If not, then you could be sued for Libel for spreading false claims and bemirching others reputation. The Libel law had already been upheld by SC AFAIK.

    Personally, as long as it don’t steal my financial details, I am okay. They can read my sms and laugh about my funny life all they want.

    If you have comprising details and work for sensitive agencies, then these phones are not for you anyway. You need those that are certified as safe by your it department. To each his own.

  10. Avatar for Nelson Nelson says:

    Some people are just…..

  11. Avatar for Andrew Andrew says:

    Have we not gotten past this issue already, even gsmarena has this statement:
    “We just wanted to make it clear that as an editorial team we stand behind them and for us it seems there is no truth to these allegations. Indeed, we may have helped aggravate the situation by reporting it rather… bluntly.”
    Source: http://blog.gsmarena.com/regarding-xiaomi-data-leaking-controversy-editorial/
    Believe what you want to believe, that is your opinion.

  12. Avatar for killercheeseburger killercheeseburger says:

    According to the article in phonearena, there’s just this one user who’s “claiming” that his device has connected with an IP address in China. There’s no proof that this IP address is under the Chinese Government. Well there was a reader who pointed out that it is under the government, but that’s all he is – a reader without proof.

    Also, there’s no trend. It’s just for one user.

    Could it be a malware that the user has installed in his device and installed again after rooting and flashing? It’s rather unclear at this moment.


    • Avatar for tmcr7 tmcr7 says:

      Tol question. Di ba ang flashing/wiping ay katumbas ng reformat sa PC kaya tanggal lahat ng installed programs?

      Tama ka tol. Mag-isa lang siya. Pero pwedeng siya pa lang nakatuklas.

      Sana lang tol, hindi totoo kasi nagbabalak din ako bumili dahil sa sobrang mura. Iniisip ko pa lang kung ano yung tradeoff…

  13. Avatar for Yousef Yousef says:

    Lmaoo buying this asap! I’m cancelling my plan on buying a smart LTE pocket wifi.

  14. Avatar for HoesAintLoyal HoesAintLoyal says:

    @tmcr7 lol, spying device? So how bout the other local brands here which came also from china? Pls stop over watching too much cartoon network

    • Avatar for tmcr7 tmcr7 says:


    • Avatar for awts awts says:

      just because one redmi note user in hongkong claimed that his unit allegedly sending photos and text messages to a server in china ay totoo na, kung di kapa naman tanga, there are thousands or even millions who uses xiaomi phones including redmi note, dapat sana sabay2x or maski kalahati ng gumagamit ng redmi note ay nagsumbong/nagreklamo na.

    • Avatar for Kobe Kobe says:

      Cherry Mobile User si tmcr7 — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJi91tQX20o , kaya pala galit sa Xiaomi. :)

      http://en.miui.com/thread-31252-1-1.html – Hugo Barra Answers the Privacy Issues on Redmi Note & Mi Cloud

    • Avatar for tmcr7 tmcr7 says:

      Yo Kobe! Thanks for sharing my video last 2010! 4 na taon andami na nagbago. Andami ko na nabiling ibang brands. Local at international. May galit ka ba sa akin? Don’t shoot the messenger.

      Hindi sa akin galing ang balita na yan. I’m just sharing and warning fellow Pinoys about this particular Chinese brand. Nasa iyo pa rin kung gusto mo bumili dahil mura.

      Kung ako lang tatanungin mo, mas gugustuhin ko mag-ingat muna.

    • Avatar for BezelniAbuzalzal BezelniAbuzalzal says:

      Hoy tmcr7 mas maganda cguro kung gumawa ka na lang ng sarili mong blog at sabihin na wag bumili ng xiaomi rednote. Ang lakas ng amats mo mag post dito na wag bumili dahil meron security threat. Ano ka ba talaga position mo? security adviser ng Octagon?

  15. Avatar for silbersuman silbersuman says:

    pak dat shet! gusto namen dual sim version ng redmi note!

  16. Avatar for a a says:

    nfc please

  17. Avatar for tmcr7 tmcr7 says:

    Xiaomi phones are equipped with spying devices that is collected by the Chinese government. Which explains why it is at a dirt cheap price.

    • Avatar for bronzi bronzi says:

      Any proof? Please dont put blog links. Thanks

    • Avatar for ace ace says:

      and why would the Chinese gov’t spy on a nobody like you or anyone else for that matter?
      Common sense lng

    • Avatar for tmcr7 tmcr7 says:

      The phone keeps on connecting to servers located in China even if it has already been flashed/rooted. I may not have the exact reason but, here are some related to national interest:

      1. Economy
      2. National security
      3. Natural resources

      What are the information you give using your smartphone?

      1. Messages
      2. Location
      3. Photos/videos
      4. Online behavior patterns
      5. Financial info
      6. Security passwords

      I may be an insignificant person to China, but imagine if they could get a whole lot of info from millions of people? And Xiaomi is a new company. It’s up to you if you wish to trust them.

    • Avatar for kobe kobe says:


      PR ng local brands?. Takot lang ang mga local brands na ang laking patong sa mga product nila. And sino ka naman para bigyan ng importansya ng china. How about the NSA? Na proven that they are spying ? Ano masasabi mo?

    • Avatar for Rockafella Rockafella says:

      Ok I see what you’re saying but still you don’t have any proof that it’s true. Man don’t believe on everything you hear or read on sites like FB or Reddit lahat yan puro conspiracies lang until proven. And it’s not like walang nagreregulate sa pagpasok ng mga imported phones dito.

    • Avatar for bryan_mmx bryan_mmx says:

      2010 is not a new company imho.
      Did you try rooting/flashing the unit yourself? Try to get your hands on a unit first before you talk shit about it.

      I own a redrice note1w. yes I saw the logs on my own phone sending data to a certain china server. No I didn’t root it because MIUI is so easy to use rooting is not necessary unless you use root required apps. And no I don’t give a shit about the privacy those chinaman can take a look at my hairy selfie butt anytime they want

    • Avatar for tmcr7 tmcr7 says:

      PR ng local brands? Hello. International sa international site ko nabasa. Nagshare lang ako. Lakas mo naman makapagduda.

    • Avatar for tmcr7 tmcr7 says:

      @Kobe, I’ve read Hugo’s statement. Pero tol, kung nabasa mo yung reklamo, nakapatay na yung MiCloud sa phone nung may ari pero kumakabit pa rin sa Chinese server.

    • Avatar for Rockafella Rockafella says:

      Ok bryan_mmx that was a little bit creepy at the end.

    • Avatar for Nelson Nelson says:

      It is so funny when I read comment like this. Apple had the same problem before. Google know exactly where you are…Oh..be scared….By the way, Michael Jackson is still alive according to some other magazine…so is Elvis….You believe them too, right?

    • Avatar for nokinoks nokinoks says:

      Di ko gets, nag submit lang ng data to Chinese servers eh to Chinese government na kagad? O.O dafuq? Business model nila yung mag tipid sa production cost, so it would make sense na sa server nila sa China ipapadala yung data para walang gastos. Kesa kumuha pa sila ng server sa pinas, mas mabagal pero mas mura. Ngayon baka mag bago na yan since may website sila dito, pero ganun din baka ang servers eh asa China so same lang din palaXD

    • Avatar for internetreader internetreader says:

      nabasa ko din yung acclaimed spyware
      eto ung mga kinukuha nila daw

      IMEI Number of your phone
      IMSI Number (through MI Cloud)
      Your contacts and their details
      Text Messages

      so para maiwasan kung totoo man .. gamit ng isang cp pang txt basic phone to be specific problem solve may mamaw kanang smartphone sa murang halaga wala pang inaalala

      ~gamers opinion

    • Avatar for zhen4005 zhen4005 says:

      If this is what you think then Do not use internet at all.

      Majority of your Modems are Either Huawei or ZTE. If not in your modem, the backbone is also composed of Chinese network appliance.

      BTW Huawei has this issue too, installing spying scripts LOL … And you know what? a whole China is not enough to analyze all those Data if that is the case.

      and if you can, why dont you try to capture the traffic passing through your phone? We can do that and we know what is right.

      Source: I am a Network Engr.

  18. Avatar for shawwt shawwt says:

    the single sim is a damper… sana maglabas sila ng dual sim at compatibe dito na lte… and i’m in.

  19. Avatar for lolwut lolwut says:

    Wow nice specs for the price, worth the wait. Hope they release it here soon.

  20. Avatar for Easy E Easy E says:

    Not bad for snapdragon400. Kailan kaya to sa pinas?

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