GMA 7 to split from Inq7.net partnership?

Network giant GMA 7 and Inquirer Publications joined in a content partnership some 7 years ago to launch the new company and news site Inq7.net. Yesterday, while I was pitching ideas for an netrepreneurship awareness campaign and awards of some sort, I was told that GMA 7 is planning to remove its interests in Inq7.net (was that a fifty-fifty split?).

So I asked my reliable source “why?” When, after 7 years in the online media and having been profitable in the last 2 years, GMA 7 wants out?

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The answer to me was, “maybe they want to compete?

I guess so.

Nonetheless, I think Inq7 will do just as fine.

Update: I just got someone from the inside confirming this story. It was already mentioned to the employees but no details. It could be due to issues on content or profit, we can only guess.

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21 Responses

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  4. Avatar for IT Experts Central IT Experts Central says:

    GMA and INQ7 signed a new partnership contract for INQ7.net. Check this out. http://www.gmanews.tv/vid.php?vidno=5

  5. Avatar for James James says:

    Specific to Inquirer articles are now using Inquirer as header. (See)

  6. Avatar for yohn yohn says:

    it’s interesting to see how the rumor mill is abuzz regarding this issue =)

    to grace gatdula: kindly check your facts, you’ll find that most of what you said are quite the opposite of what’s really happening =)


  7. Avatar for Miguel Miguel says:

    If neither GMA or Inquirer would get the domain, I want INQ7.net!

  8. Avatar for bloodred bloodred says:

    Now the question is what will happen to the domain name “INQ7.net”. Will it be owned by Inq or GMA7?

  9. Avatar for Grace Gatdula Grace Gatdula says:

    The PDI will be at the losing end. INQ7 is making money only because GMA is paying them for the news that they provide. If not for the money GMA is pumping on INQ7 matagal na patay ang site na ito.

    Also most INQ7 reporters will not be absorbed by either GMA or PDI as their heads have swelled like balloons according to a reliable source from within GMA.

  10. Avatar for JP Loh JP Loh says:

    I didn’t know that there’s a gmanews.tv

  11. Avatar for Lynn Lynn says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised. Perhaps they’d like to have an entirely different news portal of their own, without relying on content from a partner broadsheet?

  12. Avatar for elmer elmer says:

    When i started with my GMA Pinoy TV subscription on directTV i only hit inq7.net once in awhile. People like myself likes watching what’s going on there on TV than reading it in the web (content wise). I believe GMA recognises that they need to spend more of their time and money developing their own internet portal like gmapinoytv.com than piggybacking other company’s portal, which i believe don’t give much value added to gma7. I also noticed lately, inq7 now looks like an edsa (before melenyo) full (billboard) ads left and right you can’t even recognise the main content.

  13. Avatar for Mike Abundo Mike Abundo says:

    GMA 7 = pwned.

  14. Avatar for Manuel Viloria Manuel Viloria says:

    Someone probably saw this coming as early as January 2006 and registered INQ2.net

  15. Avatar for jhay jhay says:

    It’s quite sad really. I wonder what would happen to GMA 7 once they part ways…

  16. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    I’ve asked a couple others who might know a little bit more about the issue but couln’t get a solid answer. I could ask Jayvee Rufino himself but I don’t think he’ll allow me to blog about it as well. *hehehe*

    In any case, GMA 7 is on the lossing side. Unless they think they’re not getting a fair share of the pie as it is.

  17. Avatar for Marc Marc says:

    Wow. I think GMA7 stands to lose more. People come to INQ7.net for news (the written type). In that arena, Inquirer is top of mind, especially for the online overseas market. Very seldom do I see people use the multimedia content from GMA7.

    If GMA7 wants to compete in the online news space, they’ll be hardpressed to dislodge INQ alone. Worse, what if ABS CBN comes over and partners with INQ. Maybe I should buy INQ2.com already.

    Interesting to see how this pans out.

  18. Avatar for Aaron Aaron says:

    I think GMA is foolish to part with INQ7. Where will they get their stories? Atlantika? At least ABS-CBN has regional stations aside from its partnership with Today.

    I still prefer philstar over inq7 though.

  19. Avatar for Miguel Miguel says:

    Now this is an interesting bit of info.

    So if it’s true: back to www.inquirer.net!

  20. Avatar for JP Loh JP Loh says:

    Inq7’s great but sometimes, I find a lot of bashing to ABS-CBN (specially on topics about television shows). Also, some of the shorter but fresher articles that pop out are partly inaccurate or badly written.

    Maybe it could be better if GMA stepped out of the game and headed their own way.

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