Adobe launches Photoshop for iPad, Aero, Fresco for Windows 10, seamless Cloud saving

Adobe launches Photoshop for iPad, Aero, Fresco for Windows 10, seamless Cloud saving

Adobe has just released Photoshop for the iPad and an iOS AR app called Adobe Aero. The company also released Adobe Fresco for Windows and updates for Photoshop on the desktop.

Photoshop on the iPad Version 1.0 comes with a host of the usual Photoshop features, such as opening and editing PSDs, layering documents, compositing, masking, retouching, and more. The UI has also been optimized for the iPad. It also features cloud integration, allowing users to seamlessly connect Photoshop on the iPad to Photoshop on desktop. Adobe has stated that over time, they will be adding more functionalities to Photoshop on iPad, such as rotate canvas, refine edge, select subject, and more brush options. Photoshop on the iPad is available to consumers who already have a subscription to Photoshop.

Adobe has also released updates for Photoshop on the desktop, including the Sensei AI, a machine learning tool. Moreover, Adobe has updated its Cloud documents system through the Creative Cloud desktop app, allowing users to seamlessly work on projects across all platforms.


Additionally, Adobe also launched a new iOS app called Adobe Aero. The new AR app allows users to turn images more into augmented reality. It also lets users combine 2D and 3D assets from Adobe Stock or other 3D marketplaces to compose scenes, add depth to layers, and add triggers that call events to action to create viewer interaction. Aero files are auto-saved as a cloud document and can be accessed in Photoshop.

On the other hand, Adobe also launched Adobe Fresco for Windows 10. First launched on the iPad in September, Adobe Fresco is a painting and drawing app optimized for pen and touch devices. It lets users create raster and vector drawings, together with features such as Live Sensei AI brushes, masking, and selection. Fresco also supports cloud documents and utilizes the PSD format, accessible through Photoshop.

Check out the available plans for Adobe Photoshop (both on the desktop and on the iPad) here. As for Adobe Aero, it can be downloaded here, while Adobe Fresco for Windows and iPad can be acquired through here.

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