Apple renames its mixed-reality software to “xrOS” for its AR/VR headset

Apple has now come up with a new name for the software that would be powering its suspected AR/VR headset by trademarking it as “xrOS” instead of the rumored name of “realityOS”

The report comes from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman as a sign that Apple may be launching its AR/VR headset in the near future.

The report also points to a shell company called Deep Dive LLC that has had the name “xrOS” trademarked in multiple countries around the world.

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The name xr in “xrOS” would stand for Extended Reality, which would encompass the capabilities of both Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR).

Simply put, VR creates a digital environment akin to the idea of the Metaverse while AR overlays aspects of virtual reality over the real world such as seeing a 3D model of a bed right in one’s actual bedroom using an iPad for example.

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The biggest competition seen of Apple’s headset would most definitely be Meta’s Quest line of products that also feature both VR and AR capabilities as well as both Sony and Microsoft.

Gurman has also reported that the headset should feature its very own app store and Apple’s own applications such as Notes, Pages, Messages, and a VR-optimized version of FaceTime.

Apple has already had some experience in AR through iPhones and iPads using LiDAR which inserts virtual objects such as furniture most notably into the real world.

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No confirmation has been made on what the headset may be called but recent news by Mark Gurman also suggests that Apple has trademarked the name “Reality One” and “Reality Pro”. It’s also not clear if Apple has also decided to change its naming scheme for the headset as of writing.

It also still remains unclear when Apple will most definitely release its headset.

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