Canva launches Canva for Campus for universities and colleges

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Canva announces the launch of Canva for Campus, its new college and tertiary education offering that will bring the power of visual communication to universities and colleges all over the world.

“As visual communication becomes a part of everyday life, there has never been a more important time for classrooms around the world to embrace the power of digital and design literacy. Not only is visual communication an essential skill for today’s workplace, it’s also an enabler for creativity and collaboration,” said Cameron Adams, Canva co-founder and chief product officer.

“Creativity and collaboration are skills that become even more crucial for university students. With Canva for Campus now becoming available in the Philippines too, we are excited to see how it will empower Filipino college students as they step into their future careers,” said Yani Hornilla-Donato, Canva Philippines country manager.

With Canva for Campus, Canva offers a new subscription that gives colleges and universities access to the full potential of its visual communication platform. Canva for Campus, which was created with institutions and colleges in mind, provides all of the magic from its fully fledged Canva for Teams product, from team management and collaboration to brainstorming and its comprehensive Visual Worksuite.

All college and university institutions across the globe can now unlock free access to Canva for their students when they begin purchasing Canva for Campus licenses for staff. Colleges and institutions with a particular number of staff licenses graduate into a full Canva Campus, unlocking free access to the platform for entire student cohorts, depending on the size of the student body. You’ll only ever need to pay for staff accounts.

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With Canva for Campus, students are able to create compelling assignments, eye-catching resumes and visually engaging portfolios – so whether it’s for a school assignment or a personal project, Canva’s visual communication suite has it covered. Canva for Campus includes access to rich data visualization tools, making it a whole lot easier to create stunning and informative visual research reports.

Canva for Campus is designed to empower teachers and faculty staff as well. Through its integration with popular learning tools including Microsoft Teams, Canvas, Blackboard and Brightspace; every team and faculty department can reduce overhead and maximize collaboration. Its collaboration and media library tools make it easy to seamlessly design across groups and departments with 1TB of storage to organize files, graphics, and videos.

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Canva for Campus also eliminates the uncertainty involved with managing an excellent brand. Simply upload the brand’s fonts, colors, and logos to create Brand Kits that can be utilized by all academic departments, or provide preset templates that let everyone develop their own material while maintaining brand consistency. With templates for newsletters, social media posts, and student enrollment materials, Canva makes marketing teams at colleges and universities streamline communications with ease.

To sign up or learn more about Canva for Campus, check it out here.

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