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Cherry Home announces Digital Air Fryer, Clothes Dryer with Ionizer, priced

Cherry Home has recently unveiled its newest IoTs, the Digital Air Fryer and Clothes Dryer with Ionizer.

The Cherry Digital Air Fryer features Healthy Fry allowing users to cook with up to 80% less fat. It has seven cooking presets for fries, shrimp, chicken, meat, and fish, letting them bake and thaw. This 4.5-L capacity air fryer also shows off its digital easy touch panel, digital thermostat temperature, timer, and non-stick coating food basket. Not just that, but it is also energy-saving and safe to use with overheating protection and rapid frying.


The Cherry Clothes Dryer Ionizer, however, sports its fast-drying feature with its 360-degrees heat circulation. This clothes dryer is equipped with an ionizer with as much as 5 million/cm3 negative ions to keep clothes sterile. Moreover, it is also space-saving with portable wheels. This can conveniently fit under a sofa when folded. It comes with double large storage and a thick steel frame that lets users hang their garments as many as possible. Additionally, it has a remote control that has a smart timer.

The Cherry Digital Air Fryer comes with a price tag of PHP 3,990, while the Cherry Clothes Dryer Ionizer retails at PHP 3,500.

You may visit the official Cherry Shop website for more information.

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