Facebook adds 'hug' reaction

Facebook adds ‘hug’ reaction

Facebook adds a ‘hug’ reaction to show care and support to people online. Parading an emoji hugging a heart, the social networking site hopes that the new reaction will make people feel more connected with their loved ones during the pandemic. The new reaction, which is scheduled to roll out next week globally on the Facebook app and website, can be used in reacting to posts, comments, images, and videos.

Meanwhile, Messenger is also updating its ‘heart’ reaction now in beating action with a bright purple color.  To use, just tap and hold the ‘heart’ reaction for a while until a dialog box appears asking you to update its looks.

Messenger is set to roll out the pulsating heart reaction today in other countries.

via  The Next Web

Source: Alexandru Voica, Facebook Tech Comms Manager

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  1. Joseph JZ says:

    I want new reaction

  2. Shakil says:

    Care emoji

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